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We love building PCs and the people who build them. That's why we develop and continuously evolve products of the highest quality: to make creating extraordinary PCs achievable and fun for all gamers.

Meet Johnny Hou, NZXT Founder

PC gamers. They're the most passionate about gaming. It's why we're always focused on solving problems for that community. Pretty much everyone at NZXT is a PC gamer.

Because I was so young, getting people to listen, especially manufacturers, was difficult. It was a battle to get a lot of things accomplished how I envisioned them. But overcoming that made me more confident.

Again, builders and gamers are central to our designs. We're always asking, what do they need? How can we make PC building and gaming an even better experience?

Phantom was huge. Back in 2010, nobody sold white cases. Everyone told me not to do it, even competitors. But it quickly became a bestseller and we continue to sell the most white gaming cases in the world.

It was intense for the first 4 or 5 years. It was more of a hobby and I didn't really have a vision. I just knew I was doing something I loved. I had my hands in everything from product design to manuals, our website, packaging, you name it.

I want my team to feel like they are accomplishing something meaningful and to feel ownership over their work. I'm pretty hands-off.

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