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We build custom PCs around your budget, optimized for the games you love, all protected by a 2-year warranty.

Select your chipset and budget

Pick your parts and peripherals

We build and ship your PC!

Tailored for gaming

We analyzed over ten million gaming hours (and counting) to ensure our recommendation engine matches the games you love with the performance you need to run them beautifully.

Built by experts with an eye for design

By using the best components, assembled by highly-trained builders, we can deliver a meticulously crafted gaming PC, backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty.

Competitive pricing

We list everything that goes into your build and display cost clearly. Not only do you know exactly what you're getting, but it's more cost-effective than buying parts separately.

2-Year Warranty

Attention to detail doesn't stop with our hardware. Not only does our 2-year warranty cover all parts and labor, but our award-winning customer service team is also here to help with any issues.

Fast Build Service

Who are we kidding—we all know time is best spent gaming. With BLD, you save the time waiting for each component to arrive, and the time it takes to build on your own.

For custom builds, our guaranteed 2 business days turnaround makes this one of the quickest ways to have a custom gaming rig.

This is certainly a very neat idea, and the company is putting its money where its mouth is regarding the frame-rate estimations.

Their BLD program translates hardware into performance. Finally, no one will ever wonder how good their computer will perform in the games they want to play.

There’s something lovely about having a PC that comes with a set of guaranteed predicted frames-per-second targets for the games I planned.

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We created PCs with parts pre-selected for different use cases—all built with gaming in mind.