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CRFT 08: H510


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Look for the Red Smoke

Based on the iconic AirDrop crate from PUBG, the CRFT 01 PUBG case is the very first in our CRFT line.

CRFT Feature

Taste the Nuke

The H700 Nuka Cola brings a new atomic flavor from the world of Fallout.

Pan Puck

Made for Headsets, Not Headshots

The trusty NZXT PUBG Puck was designed to keep headsets organized.

H500 Vault Boy

Reclaim Your Birthright

The H500 Vault Boy ensured components were safe from from wasteland rads.

h510 Horde

Choose Your Destiny

Showcase faction pride with the H510 Alliance & H510 Horde.

h510 Siege

Reinforce Your Build

The H510 Siege is the perfect tactical deployment to fortify every R6 fan's position.

H510 Valhalla

Build the Legend

Ride into battle with the limited edition H510 Valhalla, featuring artwork representing the spirit of Norse mythology