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The new GRID+ V3 delivers the perfect balance between silence and cooling


Los Angeles, CA - October 17th, 2017 - NZXT today announces the newest member of the GRID+ family, providing a smart solution for advanced digital fan control.

“Finding the right mix between cooling and noise reduction can be complex and time-consuming, even for experienced builders. GRID+ V3 provides a smart solution for advanced digital fan control using our intuitive CAM dashboard. We’re also introducing Adaptive Noise Reduction, allowing you to reduce fan noise up to 40%. With GRID+ V3, you won’t have to choose between silence and cooling–you’ll get the perfect balance of both.” says Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder, and CEO.


By measuring fan noise levels, CPU and GPU load, and system temperature, CAM leverages machine learning to provide the optimal thermal profile with the lowest possible fan noise. Custom fan profiles can also be set and adjusted through CAM.

GRID+ V3 main features:

  • CAM-powered digital fan controller for precise and efficient cooling
  • Supports 6 separate channels, automatically detecting 3-pin fans and 4-pin PWM fans; delivers up to 5 watts of power per channel
  • 0dB fan feature for near silent operation.
  • Slim profile and magnetic back for simple installation
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction technology automatically optimizes cooling and fan noise

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Smart fan control If manual fan control is your preference, GRID+ V3 supports both voltage and PWM control, and you can choose a separate fan profile for each channel: Silent, Performance, Fixed, or Custom. Label each fan channel, build your own custom fan curves, and tune your system using the intuitive CAM dashboard.

Six channels Each channel automatically detects if you’ve connected a 3-pin fan or 4-pin PWM fan. GRID+ V3 includes two Y-splitter cables for installing additional fans.

Pure silence For nearly silent operation, your custom profiles can use the 0dB feature on GRID+ V3 to disable fans completely when temperatures are within the safe limits of your build.

Easy and discreet installation GRID+ V3 features a slim profile, measuring only 15mm in height, and includes a magnetic back, making it quick and easy to install; it even fits behind most motherboard trays.

Adaptive Noise Reduction Our unique Adaptive Noise Reduction uses an onboard noise sensor to measure and learn the specifics of your system to find the ideal balance between fan speed and cooling. With up to a 40% reduction in fan noise level, you won’t need to waste time designing custom fan curves. Leveraging machine learning to improve its results, this will ensure your fan settings are always optimal, even if you change hardware.

MSRP Pricing: 49.99 USD 49,90 €

Availability: Available Now

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