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Player: One

Get ready to compete.

All The Essentials

With focused air cooling, plenty of RAM (with room to add more), Player: One is built with reliable components for smooth and sustainable gameplay.

Intel Powered

12th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 Processors bring game-ready performance with balanced power consumption.

Game-ready Graphics

Powered by the NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™️ 30 Series, get 1080p performance and ray tracing for smooth and immersive gameplay.

Built By Experts

Professionally built and cable-managed by our PC technicians so that you can simply plug-and-play.

2-Year Warranty

Our 2-year warranty covers all parts and labor, and support from our award-winning customer service team.

Tested With Care

Each PC is built and rigorously tested by our experts before being shipped to you.

The PCs

Player: One

H5 Flow Gaming PC with RTX 3050 or RTX 4060 GPU

4.8 (375)


Player: One Prime

H6 Flow RGB RTX 4060 Ti Gaming PC

4.8 (277)


Player: One | Intel® Arc™ Edition

H5 Flow Arc™ A770 Gaming PC



Windows 11 Home

Operating System

Windows 11 Home

Operating System

Windows 11 Home

Operating System

Intel® Core™ i5-13400F


Intel® Core™ i5-13400F


Intel® Core™ i5-12400F


NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3050 - 6GB


NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4060 Ti


Intel® Arc™ A770


16 GB (2 × 8GB) DDR5 5200 MHz


16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR5 5200 MHz


16 GB (2 x 8GB) DDR5 5200 MHz (max speed)



Primary Storage


Primary Storage

500GB NVMe M.2 SSD

Primary Storage


Secondary Storage


Secondary Storage


Secondary Storage


  • Kristine H. |US |

    "Really great build and quality and didn't need to do anything to it to get it working the value is pretty good and the shipping arrived early which was a pleasant surprise. would recommend to anyone looking for a gaming pc prebuilt."

  • Joshua G. |US |

    "The prebuilt was very simple to put together, for a first-time buyer the instructions were very clear and direct. Would recommend for anyone new to the scene."

  • Joseph M. |US |

    "For what I need/want it to do it runs smoother than i had imagined. So far i haven't had any major lag in the games I've been playing. It's well worth the price for the fan and memory upgrade. You can hardly hear the fans run and the temperature has never gone higher then 30°. It's perfect for someone who's just starting gaming, a child looking for a gaming pc, or someone like me who plays casually."

  • Tia R. |US |

    "I've had my new pc for a little over a week now and it's absolutely amazing!! I've been able to play all of my games at the highest settings without any issues. The price alone is a steal for what you get. Keep up the great work guys!! You're truly helping gamers everywhere be able to afford a gaming pc!!"

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Player: One PC FAQ

The Player One and Player One: Prime can support VR gaming, but performance will depend on the VR equipment and the game being played.

Popular VR games like Beat Saber have relatively moderate system requirements:

  • CPU: Windows Core i7, Skylake or equivalent
  • GPU: NVidia RTX 1060 or Equivalent (Player: One will exceed this)
  • RAM: 8GB (all our Player PCs start at 16GB)

Please note, for more demanding VR titles may require higher-end hardware. We recommend checking the specific requirements of the VR games you intend to play to ensure the best experience.

Yes! Our Player: One is not only a capable entry point for those looking to get into PC gaming but are great for everyday tasks from school work to web browsing and light home and office work.

Due to many software, driver, and game updates you may find that exact game performance may change over time. Due to these changes we periodically re-test many popular titles to account for these active development, live service games as well as driver and software updates.

Please check out the Perfomance panel on our Player: One and Player: One Prime product pages for up to date FPS information.

The Player: One series is an affordable entry point for those looking to get into PC gaming. The Player: Two series is the next step up for those not only looking for improved performance in games but also those looking to game and stream from the same PC thanks to their more multi-tasking oriented processors and higher performance GPU options.

The Player: One Prime PC uses our Kraken 240 Elite All-in-One Liquid Cooler to provide a strong and efficient cooling solution crucial for maintaining performance and stability under heavy use.

For detailed fan spec and fan counts, please check out Player: One Prime prodcut page.

Player Series common questions

All NZXT Gaming PCs are built using premium PC components built by NZXT and trusted hardware partners. This makes our PCs easy to upgrade down the line if and when you need a boost in performance.

Yes! While The Player Gaming PC Series are pre-configured to get you up and gaming as soon as possible, we do offer performance upgrades in GPU, CPU, RAM and Storage.

For a complete list of options available, please check the product page for your system of choice. If you are looking for more customizability, please check out our Custom PC Builder.

For those looking to enhance cooling performance, additional fan upgrades are possible. Visit the product page for specific upgrade options.

DDR5 offers higher bandwidth for faster data transfer, leading to smoother gameplay and better multitasking. With greater memory capacity per module, you can upgrade with fewer slots. DDR5 operates at a lower voltage, making it more energy-efficient and reducing heat. It also includes built-in error correction, enhancing system reliability and stability during intense gaming sessions.

All NZXT Player series gaming PCs include either integrated Wifi and Bluetooth through the motherboard or will include a pre-installed Wifi and Bluetooth add-in card.

The exact motherboard model used for our Player series PCs will vary based on the most suitable components available at the time of assembly. Specific details cannot be confirmed until after the PC has been assembled.

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Player: One

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