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Player: Three

The ultimate flex.


Player: Three is a supercharged powerhouse. Get eye-watering visuals, hit peak FPS, and excellent multi-tasking capabilities with state-of-the-art components.

The Complete VR Experience

Power your VR experience with machines built to enhance your gameplay.

The Latest & Greatest

Play games on ultra settings with top-of-the-line GeForce RTX™️ 40 Series performance.
  • 1440p gaming up to 4k gaming
  • Excellent ray tracing support
  • Play GPU-intensive games with eye-watering visuals
  • The Player: Three Prime is built in the powerful, dual-chamber H9 chassis.

Intel Powered

Get next-generation performance, whether you're exploring game worlds or creating worlds of your own. 13th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors bring the latest and greatest gaming performance along with extensive multitasking capabilities.

Striking Design

Player: Three series is equipped with AIO liquid cooling inside the modern H7 and stunning H9 cases. Make waves by showing it off on stream or just gaze at it from time to time.

Built By Experts

Professionally built and cable-managed by our PC technicians so that you can simply plug-and-play.

2-Year Warranty

Our 2-year warranty covers all parts and labor, and support from our award-winning customer service team.

Tested With Care

Each PC is built and rigorously tested by our experts before being shipped to you.

I Started back with the Starter pro 2021, a wonderful build that gave me zero problems, instead of upgraded the pc I expanded my set up and bought a Player Three! Best decisions I've ever made. Gaming or doing some work, fast and precise.

Bailey E.

I have the NZXT Player 3 Prime PC. I got my pc a few months back, and I've enjoyed it ever since. On my PC, I play OSU! Fortnite, Call of Duty, and many more. I enjoy lots about the PC, as well especially the gameplay, and the specs that the PC provides. Best purchase I've made by far, can't wait to learn more about this amazing piece.



  • Colin M. |US |

    "I got the Player Three with a 4070 Ti GPU. It's plenty fast for my own uses -- mostly software development and some RPG & strategy games on a 4K 120Hz monitor. I don't play anything that requires super high graphics performance. Although I didn't specifically get it as a Quiet PC, the liquid cooling and well-designed case mean that the PC can run nearly silently during light use."

  • Alexis P. |US |

    "This product is wonderful. I was looking for a gaming computer for my son. I almost overpaid for an Alienware CPU or another product and a person told me to look at pre-built CPU's from NZXT, I am so happy I did! I am currently deployed and I purchased this for my son for Christmas. He loves it. My wife said he became a pro-gamer overnight and refuses to leave the CPU lol. thank you for making my son the luckiest boy on the planet."

  • Ryan Y. |US |

    "I was really impressed with my player three prime. I have always liked NZXT as a brand and this is a really fast machine. Packaging was done really well to keep it protected in shipping. Setup was very easy."

  • Dylan E. |US |

    "Absolutely love my Player 3. I have been a long time follower of NZXT and was super excited to finally be able to purchase a PC. The quality and detail that went into my Player 3 is outstanding. The specs are perfect for my build and I love the speed and support that has come with the PC. I thoroughly have enjoyed my experience and advise anyone looking to purchase a new PC to consider NZXT and their amazing support staff!"

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