Signal 4K30

4K30 External Capture Card






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Signal 4K30

4K30 External Capture Card





The Signal 4K30 Capture Card makes it easy to record and stream gameplay from current-gen consoles and a high-end gaming PC at maximum quality! It's your stepping stone to building and growing your audience.

  • Record video content at 4K resolution with 30 frames per second from your console, mobile device, PC, or camera to share with your audience
  • Play your games in high resolution and refresh rate while recording: 4K60 HDR, 1440p144Hz HDR, or 1080p240Hz HDR with zero-lag passthrough
  • Get your stream picture-perfect by connecting directly with OBS, Streamlabs, or any other streaming software
  • Works seamlessly with Skype, Zoom, Discord, or any other video calling software
  • Hardware compatible with both Mac and PC, requires USB 3.2 Gen 1
  • Software support through NZXT CAM

Inside the Box

  • NZXT Signal 4K30 Capture Card1

  • HDMI 2.01

  • USB-C to USB-A cable1

Key Specs

  • Input and Passthrough:HDMI 2.0

  • Power and Data:USB 3.2 (Gen 1) Type C

  • PC Connection:USB-C to USB-A

  • Channels:2 (16 bit, 48 kHz Audio)

  • Compliance:Compliant with HDMI 2.0 and DVI 1.0 specifications

  • HDR to SDR Conversion:HDR10 passthrough with hardware conversion to SDR color

Maximum Input & Passthrough Compatibility

  • 3840x2160p:60fps HDR

  • 2560x1440p:144fps HDR

  • 2560x1080p:144fps HDR

  • 1920x1080p:240fps HDR

  • Others:720p, 480p, 576p, 480i, 576i, 1920x1080i


  • Length:173 mm

  • Width:143 mm

  • Height:60 mm

  • Weight:324 g

  • Gross Weight:450 g


  • Audio:HDMI: Stereo 16 bit 48K samples/sec

  • Scaling:Hardware downscaling, and upscaling to 1080p

  • UCV Supported Raw Formats:NV12 & YUY2 (for up to 1440p)

  • System OS:PC / Windows 10, Windows 11


  • Warranty:2 years

  • Model Number:ST-SESC1-WW

  • UPC:815671016584

  • EAN:5060301696499


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