F Series

RGB & High-performance Fans

Which fan is right for me?


Quiet Airflow

These fans move large volumes of air quickly when there is no resistance. Recommended for use on top, front, and back panels.


Static Pressure

These fans work by funneling concentrated air when facing resistance, such as heatsink fins and mesh. Recommended for use on radiators.

F120/F140 RGB CORE • F120/F140 RGB • F120/F140 RGB DUO


These fans provide an optimal balance between pressure and airflow while also providing RGB functionality. They can be used on any part of the case.


Colorful, Customizable, Cool

The F Series RGB Core Fans offer brilliant lighting with eight individually addressable RGB LEDs and premium cooling with high static pressure.

Meet the RGB DUO Fans

The F Series RGB Duo Fans offer 20 individually addressable RGB LEDs and dual-sided lighting for beautiful colors and customization alongside quiet cooling.

Light Your Way

Personalize RGB lighting effects and configure fan speeds with NZXT CAM.

Optimal Design

Fan blades are carefully engineered to cool all components.

Blade Winglets

Minimize drag with refined blade design.

Structurally Sound

Blade structure ensures this fan runs smoothly.

Color that Pops

Deliver optimal cooling and lighting effects.

CAM Color Customization

Change the color of your RGB using NZXT CAM.

Custom Light Guide

Create stunning visual effects with uniform light dispersion.

Fluid Dynamic Bearing

Patented FDB maintains consistent lubrication to enable a long lifespan with minimal noise.

  • Extremely low noise operation
  • High running accuracy
  • Low vibration and impact resistance

Quiet Cooling

Maintain cool temperatures with minimal noise.

Rubber Corners

Absorb vibrations for quiet operation.

Pulse Width Modulation

Adjust fan speed based on component temperature.

Cool With the Legacy Aer Series

Enjoy the legacy Aer Fans, with optimal airflow and RGB effects powered by NZXT CAM.

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