1094 reviews

  • Jerome D. |US |

    "Arrived fast, great packaging, easy set up. Everything is running smoothly, a massive improvement from my last rig."

  • Justin D. |US |

    "Bought the Player 2 Prime and I am absolutely obsessed with it. PC came in perfect condition, and ready to boot up and play. If you’re looking for a great pre built look no further."

  • CJ H. |US |

    "These computers are reliable and the experts at NZXT provide a great product quickly."

  • David C. |US |

    "I could not be more satisfied with my PC with it meticulously built. One thing I love as well is the option to customize the prebuilt PC: adding memory, storage and rgb lights which other companies don’t."

  • Kyle K. |US |

    "Great build, was carefully packed and got it within 5 days of ordering. Definitely a huge upgrade from my previous gaming laptop! Got it just in time to really enjoy Helldivers 2. Best decision for a higher tier PC without breaking the bank."

  • Shaun G. |US |

    "Runs way better than i expected it to, great PC for the price. I can run any game I want, not at super high setting but it’s definitely higher than most pc’s in this price range. NZXT on top!"

  • Carson H. |US |

    "Awesome Company - pc is amazing i love it only complaint is that it took a really long time for it to come in but other than that it works perfectly."

  • Matthew S. |US |

    "Great so far - I ordered at the wrong time with it being holiday season but when the pc arrived I was very impressed with the quality and cable management, so far no issues with the pc that haven’t been user error, runs every game I’ve played so far beautifully."

  • Rae D. |US |

    "I love my player 2 prime so much. I'm able to play the heavy duty games with no problem. I run Helldivers 2, call of duty, overwatch, destiny fortnite and ark: survival ascended on the highest settings and it is smooth like butter. Only thing I would add is the extra rgb lights for the fans but overall I am so happy."

  • Ashanti L. |US |

    "I highly recommend customer service are outstanding and very patient with me. my first time building a PC and was completely lost on what to do and they helped me."

  • Zach L. |US |

    "Great PC, great customer support! I’ve had my NZXT pc for a few years now and just ran into my first issue, it wouldn’t connect with my monitor. I called customer support and they were very helpful, they guided me through fixing the loose ram sticks and everything is working again!"

  • Val |US |

    "Good quality at a fair price. We bought our second PC from them. This one unfortunately had a few issues with the Bluetooth and RAM. Lennard kept emailing back and forth with us until the issues were solved. Had to send out the RAM to them but it came back quickly."

  • Boluwatife |US |

    "Don’t build your own PC, let NZXT do it. Excellent customer service, 2 year warranty and overall great and quality build!"

  • Maw C. |US |

    "Probably best company with best customer support out here. I asked if is there possibility to BUY a bracket for old AIO cooler that is discontinued that I was missing. I've got an answer that they are more than happy to send the bracket for free. What's most important I live at the other part of the world and they still were dedicated to send it to me. With all shipping expenses free of charge. What's most important I failed to receive it the first time because of poor job of customs delivering information to me. I explained the situation to them and they sent me another shipment with different type of delivery. Literally courier delivered it by hand to me. That's not all. I received whole box of brackets for all types of systems that I didn't even asked for. Thank you so much NZXT. My system is fully running with all NZXT made cooling parts and I couldn't be happier."

  • Rubina M. |US |

    "Best of the best aftersales service they really honor their warranty. Products are topnotch but if any things goes bad, there is a peace of mind that we bought from nzxt and they care about customers around the globe. Best part is when you ask for any warranty they don't ask irrelevant questions to avoid or misguide customers. Products 10/10. Customer care 10/10."

  • Angel F. |GA |

    "The process was painless and simply, however, I wish there was the option to choose a better gpu right out the box for those who want something more extra in the pc."