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2023 Year in Review

A Year of New & Old

2023 brought exciting new game releases as well as all-new and refreshed NZXT products. Let's review this year's highlights!

Introducing the All-New H6

A compact design that packs a dual-chamber punch—all wrapped up in style.

Why Build a Custom PC With NZXT?

Dive into our PC configurator and get the best framerate to push raw processing power from premium components. See in real time what FPS performance you'll get on some of the top games.

Game Your Way

Whether it is 144hz at 1080p, 60hz at 4K, or anything in-between—we have you covered. Customize your PC to your exact specifications to push performance, resolution, and more.

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Our highly-trained builders use top-rated components and professionally cable-manage your build.

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We list everything that goes into your gaming PC and we display costs clearly so you know exactly what you're getting.

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Our experts professionally build, fine-tune, and test to ensure your product is ready go.

3-Year Warranty

Our 3-year warranty covers all parts and labor, and our award-winning customer service team is ready to help.

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Our pros are ready to get started on your order immediately and ship within a week.

Build Your Dream PC

Choose from a variety of components and focus on the parts that will make the perfect PC experience for you.


Whether you want to play popular games, get eye-watering visuals, or hit peak FPS, our Prebuilts got you covered from mid-range to top-of-the-line GPUs and CPUs.


Ready to go live with your stream? We offer powerful CPUs, GPUs, and plenty capacity and performance so you can play and stream without taking a performance hit.


Multitask like a pro with maxed out performance parts in our newest cases, allowing you to tackle more applications and increase your workflow. Our gaming PCs go beyond gaming.

Boost Your Performance


The Graphics Processing Unit offers pure power to push performance to new heights in the biggest games.


The Central Processing Unit multitasks as well as increases performance in CPU-intensive games and helps avoid bottlenecks.


Random Access Memory enables you to run multiple programs at once—the more RAM you have, the better you can multi-task.

Our BLD Configurator

Select parts and peripherals for any build easily and intuitively in our one-stop-shop for all your custom PC building needs.

Curated Parts

Take your pick of top-of-the-line components like the latest GPUs, motherboards, and more.

FPS Guaranteed

Never wonder how your favorite game will run! We showcase popular games and their FPS performance alongside your build.

Full Customization

Explore the PC performance possibilities with our range of parts and peripherals. Select your budget, form factor, and color.

Chipset & Budget

Select your budget and your choice of AMD or Intel CPUs.

Pick Parts & Peripherals

Pick your components and accessories based on your performance and aesthetic needs.

We Build & Ship

Our experts build and ship your product directly to you with a two-day build time.

Our Brand Partners

We partner closely with brands you know and love to get you access to high-quality parts and peripherals to complete your setup.

Meet the Parts


The house. This is where everything lives!

The case is an aesthetically pleasing home for all your PC components. NZXT cases have channels to allow for clean cable management and an easy build. The case also serves as an electrical current ground for all of your components.


The translator. The connector. The motherboard gets everything talking.

The motherboard is responsible for distributing power from your PSU to the other components.


The brain. The CPU does the thinking.

The CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is responsible for taking your request and delegating tasks to various components to be executed.


The desk space. RAM affects the number of tasks that can be efficiently processed at once.

RAM is responsible for pulling programs or files from mass storage into active use. The RAM will pull data from applications in use, acting as the short-term memory.


The garage. This is where you store your stuff.

The SSD is a fast and efficient way to store and access games, apps, files, and more on your computer. SSD stands for solid-state drive, meaning it has no moving parts, which in turn offers less wear and tear, as well as faster access to your stuff.


The engine. A PSU pulls, conditions, and sends power to your components.

A common misconception is that the PSU provides power to the PC. It actually converts the high voltage alternating current (AC) power from your wall outlet to a more manageable direct current (DC). It then regulates the DC output to the different areas of your PC depending on power needs and requirements.

Air Cooler

The A/C unit. Keeps your house cool.

An air cooler mounts to your CPU and uses 1 or 2 fans to move air through a series of thin metal fins. These metal fins house the heat given off by your CPU when it is under load.

AIO Cooler

The Refrigerator. Keeps your CPU running cool.

An All in One cooler is a preassembled pump and radiator combination. The pump pushes a liquid cooling solution through a cold plate mounted on the CPU, which allows the heat from the CPU to be transferred into the liquid, which is then moved to the radiator, which is then cooled by the fans mounted to it. This cycle continues to keep your CPU cool.


The turbocharger. The GPU makes your computer tear through heavy visual loads.

The GPU is in charge of processing all of the visual data of a game or application.


The communications relay.

The Wi-Fi card allows you to access your home Wifi network wirelessly.

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This is certainly a very neat idea, and the company is putting its money where its mouth is regarding the frame-rate estimations.

Their BLD program translates hardware into performance. Finally, no one will ever wonder how good their computer will perform in the games they want to play.

There’s something lovely about having a PC that comes with a set of guaranteed predicted frames-per-second targets for the games I planned.

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