H710 Series

ATX Mid-Tower Cases

H710 Series

The H710 cases are the largest and most flexible cases in the H Series, with plenty of space for almost any build.

It's What's Inside that Counts

The uninterrupted tempered-glass side panel showcases any build.

Let's Get Connected

The front-panel USB-C 3.2 and USB 3.1 connector makes it easier than ever to connect the latest peripherals.

The i Version

Control lighting and cooling with the Smart Device V2 and easily customize settings through NZXT CAM.

Build Like a Pro

Cable routing kit with pre-installed channels and straps make wiring intuitive and easy.

H7 Series

Meet the H7 Series of Mid-Tower Cases! Upgraded cooling, easy building, and plenty of room for premium components.

Build With the New H7 Cases

Create the ultimate gaming PC in the H7 Series.