1.1. NZXT only supplies customers in Germany or Austria (delivery area). Customers from other EU countries are free to order products in the web shop by providing a delivery address in Germany or Austria.

1.2. Delivery is made to the delivery address in the delivery area specified by the customer. Shipping is via parcel services.

1.3. From receipt of the contract confirmation, NZXT usually ships the products within Germany within a maximum of ten (10) working days, unless they are subject to Section 1.4. According to NZXT's parcel service provider, the delivery time is normally one (2) working days.

1.4. Products that are marked with the note "CRFT" in the web shop or in the order confirmation are specially configured and manufactured for the ordering customer. Due to the individual production, there may be a slightly longer delivery time. Such products are usually dispatched within up to five (5) business days from receipt of the contract confirmation. The delivery times correspond to those specified in Section 1.3.

1.5. For example, products that a customer pre-orders with knowledge of this prior to their launch will be shipped as soon as the product becomes available.

1.6. The following costs apply for shipping the products: (a) Standard shipping for complete PC systems within Germany free of charge (b) Standard shipping for individual PC components within Germany (up to 31 kg): EUR 6.99