Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

For the financial year ended 2020

Opening Statement from Senior Management

NZXT, Inc. (for the purposes of this statement "NZXT") is committed to ensuring that our business and supply chain reflects our values and respect for human rights. We are committed to improving our practices to combat modern slavery and human trafficking.

Our organisational structure, our business, and our supply chains

NZXT is a market-leading provider of data virtualisation services.

NZXT has its head office in California, USA. NZXT employs 325 people worldwide, has operations in the USA, EMEA, Asia, South America and Canada, and sources goods and services from China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Thailand.

NZXT sources raw materials from the following countries China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Thailand. NZXT sources finished goods from the following countries: China, Vietnam Taiwan, and Thailand.

NZXT sells its own brand of gaming PC products to retailers and distributors all over the world. In the USA, NZXT also operates a direct to consumer business.

Our key supply chains include factories in all four countries and raw materials in all four countries.

As well as relationships with suppliers, NZXT has relationships with PNP, a business intermediary in Taiwan. PNP handles NZXT's negotiations with vendors in Asia.

Our due diligence processes

We have not taken steps this year to identify, assess and monitor potential areas of risk in relation to our supply chains. This is because our operations in the UK have only recently commenced. This is something we intend to rectify going forward by carrying out audits on new and existing suppliers in high-risk industries or areas. We plan to introduce contractual terms into our commercial agreements requiring our suppliers to ensure that their own operations and supply chains are free from modern slavery.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes NZXT's slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 2020.

On behalf of NZXT, Inc.

Rob Brinkman

Chief Commercial Officer