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Meet Canvas!

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Image of NZXT Canvas QHD Monitor on a purple background with diverse scenery displayed

Meet Canvas

Monitors are a window into any game world; they take you to far-off places and bring the action directly to you. Whether you’re into competitive PVP action or a chill walking simulator, Canvas is the bridge to those worlds.

A Little of Everything

We like to play a bit of everything—from speedy arcade shooters to sprawling open-world exploration games. Canvas is where fast meets vast. Taking a break away from a game, getting into something different, to then come back to it, is wholesome and healthy and we support that. You don’t have to choose between high refresh rates or incredible visuals—Canvas QHD monitors were designed so that you can enjoy both.

Immerse Yourself

When we play video games, we want to feel as immersed as possible. Our goal with Canvas QHD was to design a beautiful monitor that places the game as the focal point of the experience. The ultra-thin, bezel-free design blurs the line between play and player to create an even thinner barrier between you and your favorite game worlds.

Sharp Edge

The bezel-free edge-to-edge panel, alongside the high-performance sharp display, makes Canvas an ideal monitor for just about anybody. With a 165Hz refresh rate, players can stay competitive, while the 2560x1440 resolution invites players to lose themselves in exciting game worlds—or even boring ones (if that's your thing). Certain trucking and farming simulators come to mind (hey, we don’t judge). Canvas is immersive, yet competitive. Fast, yet captivating. You’ll be just as comfortable landing flick shots as you will be gathering wheat—you get the idea.

You Choose

Available in 27” flat and 32” curved, Canvas monitors complement an existing workspace. Both monitors are available in black or white and can be purchased with either a small footprint stand or a compact arm to maintain desk space for other super sweet peripherals.

We Got Curves

Place yourself even deeper into the game with the Canvas 32Q Curved. Typical curved monitors have a curvature rated at 1800R (or radius). Canvas 32Q Curved has a curvature of 1500R, giving it a 20% increase over the average, making your gaming experience that much more immersive.

Canvas QHD Highlights

  • 1440p is the sweet spot for gamers who are looking for a high-fidelity image with HDR 10 for graphically intensive games
  • A high refresh rate (165Hz) and a 1ms response time are ideal for games where every frame matters, while maintaining a clear picture throughout the experience
  • Enhanced customization options in NZXT CAM where you can adjust your monitor’s settings and create custom profiles that dynamically change based on the game you are playing or the time of day

We want players to have options. Canvas is built to be approachable yet immersive, it’s something that improves the gaming experience while adding something attractive to your space.

We’re stoked to see what you do with canvas, and how it fits into your setup. Share with us, and get involved with the NZXT Community on Discord, Twitter, and Instagram!