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Meet the H510i Rivals

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CRFT H510i Rivals on a yellow background

Introducing the H510i Rivals, a case designed for appreciators of all things My Hero Academia. Deku and Bakugo go head-to-head on this edition of CRFT, for a striking case that’s fit for a heroic build. GO PLUS ULTRA!!!

Honing our CRFT

At NZXT, we’re massive fans of passionate communities. We have a dedicated team of gamers and anime lovers eager to enjoy a diverse range of mediums, playstyles, and genres. We are enchanted by the comedic, captivating, and action-packed world of My Hero Academia. In this world, characters discover their superpower, or Quirk, on a journey to explore their destiny. Sidenote— Quirks are a little different from typical superpowers. Of course, there’s flying, invisibility, super strength, yet others are more obscure: Extend-O-Hair, Foldabody, or Meatball. This unique vision of a superhero’s journey was an exciting choice for inspiration.

Each CRFT product is made out of a mutual love shared by our community, our team, and our partners. The design of CRFT products are inspired by imaginative shows and games that have captured the hearts of their fans, with details included for casual and superfans alike.

The Case

The first My Hero Academia inspired CRFT case, the H510i All Might was received quite well, so it made sense to dive even deeper into the lore—and we loved every minute of it! The H510i Rivials visually explores the competitive duo, Deku and Bakugo, and is packed full of unique artwork that celebrates their history.

All panels are a custom H510i design, based on the complex relationship between Deku and Bakugo. Adorning the case, find a custom PLUS ULTRA puck and a powerful Rivals charm. The charm is two-sided and features Deku's mask on one side and Bakugo's grenadier bracer on the other. This project is a love letter to My Hero Academia and two of its most fascinating characters.

Make Some Noise

We want to hear from you! What would you like to see next from CRFT? These products are created with our community in mind so your voices are critical to shaping the future of CRFT. Let us know on social media or our NZXT Club discord server what game-inspired cases you think would make great additions to your setup.