The New Krakens

Take Performance Personally

Kraken offers outstanding performance and quiet cooling, as well as screen content options to make your build pop with a personal touch.

The Difference is in the Display

Same cooling performance. Different display technology.


Dip your toe into customizable liquid cooling.

Kraken Elite

Indulge in stunningly vivid graphics with even more ways to customize.

The Many Faces of Kraken

Display what you're into on Kraken and Kraken Elite.

Real-Time Performance

Monitor your system at a glance by displaying CPU and GPU temperatures, load, and more in real-time.

Web Integrations

Connect your Google Photos library, display 'now playing' info from Spotify with the Kraken Elite, or create an integration of your own.

Custom Images

Showcase a personal photo, favorite team logo, custom artwork, and more.

Get Animated, Be Animated, Represent

Exhibit animated GIFs from your favorite movies, TV shows, memes, and more.

GIFs + System Info

Overlay system info on top, so you don't have to choose between fun and functional.

Kraken Elite

Audio Visualizer

Create a dynamic and immersive visual experience that reacts to audio input in real-time.

Control Your Cooling with CAM

NZXT CAM software unleashes your creativity and optimizes your PC's performance with intuitive controls for pump and fan performance, dynamic screen content, and customizable RGB lighting effects for a truly personalized experience.

High Performance. Liquid Cooled.

Stay cool when the pressure's on.

High-Performance Pump

The Asetek pump utilizes a powerful motor that can reach speeds of up to 2,800 RPM, resulting in efficient and whisper-quiet circulation. This advanced pump technology ensures reliable and high-performance cooling, even under heavy workloads and overclocking scenarios.

Powerfully Quiet Cooling

NZXT F Series Static Pressure & RGB Core Fans

Kraken RGB is Designed to Dazzle

A vibrant way to set your build apart.

A Seamless Solution

Simple installation with sizes to fit all.

Installation Made Easy

  • A single breakout cable from pump to motherboard streamlines installation.
  • Includes compatible mounting brackets for Intel (LGA 1700/1200/115X) and AMD processors (AM4, AM5).
  • Pre-applied NZXT High-Performance Thermal Paste.
  • Extended rubber tubing with durable nylon-braided sleeves for worry-free handling.

A Kraken for All

Kraken AIO liquid coolers come in 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm sizes for different cooling capacities and space requirements.a

Better Together

Create the ultimate desk setup with our lineup of NZXT products to make for a customizable and cohesive desktop environment.