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NZXT Announces the Launch of the CLSSC Series: A Nostalgic Revival with a Modern Twist

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Los Angeles, CA — (April 1, 2024), In a bold move that bridges the past with the present, NZXT, a trailblazer in PC gaming hardware solutions, proudly unveils the NZXT CLSSC Series. This innovative series reintroduces a selection of NZXT's most cherished PC cases, re-engineered for today's advanced hardware and gaming demands. The CLSSC lineup breathes new life into the Guardian, Phantom, H440, and Manta cases, offering a perfect blend of classic aesthetics and modern functionality.

Guardian - The Original, Reborn: The Guardian makes a triumphant return, featuring its iconic visor design updated with enhanced airflow, a tempered glass panel, and RGB lighting to complement the latest in PC hardware.

Phantom - Futuristic and Flexible: The Phantom, with its distinctive and aggressive styling, comes back stronger with updated cooling solutions, USB-C connectivity, and versatile storage and cooling configurations to support a range of high-end components.

H440 - A Classic Redefined: The beloved H440 is updated with a focus on clean lines and minimalism, featuring an updated cable management system, enhanced airflow design, and a noise-reducing build, all while maintaining its renowned sleek appearance.

Manta - Compact Agility: The Manta returns with its unique curved design, now boasting more space for high-performance GPUs, water-cooling capabilities, and a comprehensive cable management system, making it the go-to case for compact and powerful builds.

"With the CLSSC Series, we're paying homage to the cases that have defined NZXT's journey," said Johnny Hou, Founder and CEO of NZXT. "These revamped classics are a testament to our commitment to innovation and our community's passion. We're excited to see how new and old fans alike will use these cases to build their next dream PCs."

The NZXT CLSSC Series marries nostalgia with cutting-edge technology, offering gamers and PC enthusiasts the opportunity to assemble their rigs in cases that have made history, now updated to meet the performance standards of today's gaming environment.

Availability: The NZXT CLSSC Series will be available for purchase on NZXT’s website and through selected retailers worldwide starting April 20, 2024.

For detailed information on the NZXT CLSSC Series and updates on availability, please visit follow NZXT on social media.

About NZXT: Since its founding in 2004, NZXT has emerged as a leader in the PC gaming hardware industry, dedicated to delivering high-quality, innovative products that keep gamers at the forefront of technology. Committed to excellence in design, performance, and community engagement, NZXT continuously sets new standards in the PC gaming experience.

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