N7 Z790

Scheda madre Intel Z790 ATX





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The N7 Z790 supports Intel's latest CPUs and has everything needed to build a modern system. The full black or white cover blends seamlessly within your build and includes optimally placed headers and built-in fan & lighting controls via NZXT CAM.

The Latest and Greatest
The N7 Z790 allows for a great look without sacrificing the build experience with an integrated rear I/O and optimally placed headers.
Stunning Craftsmanship
Build your dream system with a full metal cover that blends aesthetically with black or white cases for a seamless backdrop for your prized components.
Powerful Control
The N7 Z790 includes key features from the NZXT RGB and Fan Controller, allowing intuitive control of six RGB lighting channels and seven fan channels through NZXT CAM. Lighting accessories from all manufacturers are supported as well as 5V ARGB.

  • 16+1+2 DrMOS Power Phase Design with 2oz Copper PCB
  • Full cover in black or white with integrated heat spreader for the top-most M.2 slot
  • Digital RGB lighting control through CAM for numerous preset and custom modes
  • Convenient fan profiles within NZXT CAM for seven independent fan channels
  • Integrated rear I/O shield and efficient layout for optimal setup
  • Compatible with Intel® 14th, 13th and12th Generation Core™ i9, Core™ i7, Core™ i5 processors
  • Designed with Intel® Z790 Express Chipset with Wi-Fi 6E wireless connectivity and Bluetooth V5.3
  • Three M.2 connectors for storage devices
  • Supports memory overclocking speeds of up to 6000 MHz and Intel® XMP 3.0
  • 8-channel high-definition audio

Cosa contiene la scatola

  • Scheda madre N7 Z7901

  • cavi SATA (2 a 90 gradi, 2 a 180 gradi)4

  • viti M.22

  • Antenna wireless2

Altri video

Specifiche tecniche

CPU e socket

  • Socket LGA 1700 for Intel® 14th, 13th, and 12th Generation Core™ i9/ Core™ i7/ Core™ i5 Processors:Processori Intel® Core ™, Pentium Gold, Celeron. Fare riferimento all'elenco di supporto della CPU.

  • Tecnologia Intel® Hybrid:Supportato

  • Tecnologia Intel® Turbo Boost Max 3.0:Supportato

  • Tecnologia Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB):Supportato

  • Tecnologia Intel® Adaptive Boost (ABT):Supportato


  • Intel®:Z790


  • Slot DIMM:4, DDR5 Solo

  • Supporto di Memoria Massima:192GB, DDR5

  • Architettura della Memoria:Doppio Canale

  • Frequenza OC:7200+(O.C.). Per ulteriori informazioni, vedere Memory QVL sul sito internet di NZXT (

  • Tecnologia Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) 3.0:Supportato

Slot di espansione

  • PCIe 5.0 ×16 slot (PCIEX16_1), supporta la modalità x16:1 (Supporta l’unità SSD NVMe come disco di avvio)

  • PCIe 4.0 ×16 slot (PCIEX16_2 e PCIEX16_3), supporta la modalità ×4:2 (Supporta l’unità SSD NVMe come disco di avvio)

  • slot PCIe 3.0, 1 slot (PCIEX1_1 e PCIEX1_2):2 (Supporta l’unità SSD NVMe come disco di avvio)

  • socket M.2 (tasto E), supporta il modulo Wi-Fi/BT PCIe Wi-Fi di tipo 2230 e Intel® CNVio/CNVio2:1

Spazio di memoria

  • M.2_1, tipo 2242/2260/2280 (modalità PCIe 4.0 ×4):1

  • M.2_2, tipo 2242/2260/2280/22110 (modalità PCIe 4.0 ×4):1

  • M.2_3 2242/2260/2280 (PCIe 4.0 4x e modalità SATA 6Gb/s):1

  • 4 porte SATA 6Gb/s:4

  • l’Intel® Volume Management Device (VMD):Supportato

  • l’unità SSD NVMe come disco di avvio:Supportato


  • Realtek®:RTL8125BG 2.5G LAN


  • Dual Band Wi-Fi 6E:Supportato

  • Bluetooth:V5.3


  • Realtek®:ALC1220 Codec

I/O posteriore

  • connettori SMA per antenna wireless:2

  • porta HDMI™:1

  • porte USB 2.0:2

  • porta USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Tipo-C:1

  • porte USB 3.2 Gen2:2

  • porte USB 3.2 Gen1:3

  • tasto Clear CMOS:1

  • porta LAN (RJ45):1

  • jack audio:5

  • porta di uscita ottica S/PDIF:1

I/O interno

  • connettore ATX a 24 pin:1

  • connettore ATX 12V a 8+4 pin:1

  • connettore CPU_FAN a 4 pin:1

  • connettore AIO_PUMP a 4 pin:1

  • connettori SYS_FAN a 4 pin:5

  • connettori LED RGB NZXT:4

  • connettori LED ARGB 5V:2

  • connettori USB 2.0 (fino a 4 porte USB 2.0):2

  • connettore USB 3.2 Gen1 (fino a 2 porte USB 3.2 Gen1):1

  • connettore USB 3.2 Gen2x2 nel pannello frontale (per USB Tipo-C):1

  • connettore pannello audio frontale:1

  • pulsante di accensione:1

  • pulsante di ripristino:1

  • LED POST:4

Informazioni Generali

  • Sistema Operativo:Windows® 11/10 64-bit

  • Fattore di Forma:ATX

  • Garanzia:3 Anni

  • Numero di Modello:N7-Z79XT-W1 (Bianca) / N7-Z79XT-B1 (Nera)

  • UPC:810074843003 (Bianca) / 810074843010 (Nera)

  • EAN:5056547202945 (Bianca) / 5056547202952 (Nera)

Questions And Answers


Yes, the N7 Z790 Motherboard is compatible with:

  • Intel® 14th Generation Core™ i9, Core™ i7, Core™ i5 processors
  • Intel® 13th Generation Core™ i9, Core™ i7, Core™ i5 processors
  • Intel® 12th Generation Core™ i9, Core™ i7, Core™ i5 processors

The NZXT N7 Z790 motherboard includes the following NVME slots:

  • PCIe 5.0 ×16 slot (PCIEX16_1), supports ×16 mode:1 (Supports NVMe SSD as boot disks)
  • PCIe 4.0 ×16 slots (PCIEX16_2 and PCIEX16_3), support ×4 mode:2 (Supports NVMe SSD as boot disks)
  • PCIe 3.0 ×1 slots (PCIEX1_1 and PCIEX1_2)*:2 (Supports NVMe SSD as boot disks)
  • M.2 Socket (Key E), supports Type 2230 Wi-Fi/BT PCIe Wi-Fi module and Intel® CNVio/CNVio2:1

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Windows 10 64BIT/Windows 11

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