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Introducing the FX-140 V2 Retail Box

Product Updates

Los Angeles, CA – After taking our Kraken liquid cooler’s temps to new lows, the FX V2 is moving on to new challenges and bringing its award-winning performance to any 140mm based liquid cooler.

A complete redesign of our previous static pressure fan series, the all-new FX V2 series elevates your cooling with high airflow under the most restrictive environments.

Controlled by pulse width modulation (PWM), the FX V2 can be controlled via your motherboard or through your Kraken using our CAM software with ease. PWM control also allows us to have a much more accurate and gradual increase from the RPM floor through the maximum 2000RPM ceiling versus traditional voltage control.

At lower RPMs the FX V2 continues its tour de force, keeping temps low and sound to minimum at around 20 dB at 800RPMs.

Our current generation Kraken coolers, the Kraken X61 and X41, have been using this fan to surpass our previous generation Krakens and our competitors alike, both in acoustic and thermal performance, and now you too can harness the power of the FX V2 for your radiators.

Battle-tested and awaiting your build, the FX V2 140mm fan will be available for purchase at the NZXT Armory for $19.99 at the end of May.