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Manage performance, temperatures, and devices all from a single application. NZXT CAM is fast, efficient, and easy to use—putting you in control of every aspect of your PC.

NZXT CAM x Function Keyboard

With NZXT CAM, your Function Keyboard customizability doesn't end with purchase. Create custom profiles with unique RGB lighting or intricate macros for a custom look.

Master Your Machine

See what your computer is up to, from processor load to bandwidth consumption. Monitor how running applications are making use of your gaming PC. Quickly track down any issues to ensure optimal performance.

Sync With Your Games

Set your lights and fans to change whenever you launch one of thousands of supported games. Set the mood, sync it to audio queues, or turn all of your lights off for a competitive edge.

Smart Scheduling

Customize the behavior of your fans and lighting for different times of day. Set your lights to slowly turn on as your day begins, your cooling devices to run at higher power in the heat of the afternoon, or for your lights to shut off automatically as a bedtime reminder.

Complete Customization

Match your computer to how you use it, any time of day or night. CAM will make it so lights and cooling devices will help bring you more into the game than ever before.

Contribute to CAM

NZXT wants your feedback. We are constantly working to improve CAM and add features that the community asks for.

Just Released

Check out these brand new NZXT CAM-powered NZXT products.

Meet Your New Superpower

Lightning-fast 8K polling rate meets optical precision.


A compact design that packs a dual-chamber punch—all wrapped up in style.

H5 Elite & H7 Elite

Customize lighting and create the perfect lighting ecosystem for H5 Elite and H7 Elite with NZXT CAM utilizing its built-in RGB Controller.

T120 Series

The T120 RGB offers customizable RGB lighting through NZXT CAM to sync up effects across the desktop.

Canvas Monitors

Complement your playstyle with NZXT CAM to adjust brightness, color contrast, saturation, blue light removal, black equalizer, and more with just a click!

Canvas FHD gives gamers a competitive edge in fast-paced titles when the heat is on. And for a play-anything monitor, QHD has you covered with immersive Quad-HD gameplay.

Signal Capture Cards

Grow your audience with the Signal 4K30 and HD60 capture cards. Signal makes it simple to kick-start your content in 4K or 1080p!

Capsule Mini

Capture unexpectedly big sound on the excitingly small Capsule Mini.

Control and Customize with CAM

NZXT CAM Enabled Products

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Control NZXT Products

Control case lights, fan speeds, PSU voltages, and more through NZXT CAM’s intuitive and beautiful interface.

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Get your hands on next-generation CAM software before anyone else in the community.

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