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Warranty Information

1800 413 611

Australian Consumer Law.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and or compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.

You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. We also offer additional protection as set out below. These additional warranties do not replace your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

Returns/Exchange Policy.

Under the Australian Consumer Law, we are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind but you can choose a refund or exchange if our product has a major problem.

A product has a major problem when:

  • the problem would have stopped someone from buying the item if they had known about it,
  • it is unsafe, or
  • it is significantly different from the sample or description, doesn’t do what we said it would, or what you asked for – and can’t be easily fixed.

Alternatively, you can choose to keep the item and we will compensate you for any drop in value.

If the problem is not major, we will repair the item within a reasonable time.

If it is not repaired in a reasonable time you can choose a refund or replacement.

Please keep your proof of purchase – e.g., your receipt.

Products and Warranty Length.

In addition to the Australian Consumer Law guarantees, our products come with the following warranties (Warranties):

Product TypeWarranty Length*
Computer cases, temperature meters, fans, accessories and cables2 years

| NZXT E and C Series power supplies | 10 years |

| NZXT Kraken X and Z Series liquid coolers | 6 years |

| NZXT Kraken M22 and Kraken 120 | 3 years |

| N7 motherboard | 4 years |

| NZXT-branded Certified Refurbished products | 1 year |

| Non-NZXT branded refurbished products | 30 Days |

*Commences from the date of purchase for parts and labour.

Who Is Protected?

The Warranties covers products purchased from NZXT by the original consumer.

What Is and Is Not Covered?

Our Warranties are not unconditional.

If the product, in our opinion, malfunctions within the warranty period, we will at our discretion repair or replace the product with one that is of equal or greater in value, depending on availability of stock.

The Warranties do not cover any:

  • any product or serial number/warranty sticker modification applied without permission from NZXT;
  • improper installation;
  • natural or personal disaster;
  • any damage that is not a manufacturing defect;
  • damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, fire, water, lightning, or other acts of nature, unauthorised product modification or failure to follow instructions included with the product;
  • repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorised by us;
  • normal wear and tear; or
  • damage caused by something independent of us and outside our control.

Limitations of Implied Warranties.

To the maximum extent permitted by law and the Australian Consumer Law guarantees, there are no other warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to those of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

For Warranty Service.

In the event that repair, or replacement is necessary, we will request and you must provide proof of purchase (store receipt or invoice) in order to receive warranty service.

We are unable to offer Warranty service unless you are able to provide proof of purchase.

Request Warranty Service.

If you are having problems with your product always start by consulting the owner’s manual.

If you still need help, please contact our technical support by phone at 1800 413 611 or

To receive warranty service on your product, please submit a request to

NZXT will never charge you for labor or phone support for repairs covered by this Warranty.

If one of our technicians deems your product to be defective or to require testing, or you want to make a claim under the Warranties, you will need to provide a copy of your proof of purchase when you submit your request.

User data notice.

During the process of repair, some or all of your stored data may be lost. Please ensure that you have saved this data elsewhere prior to repair.

Refurbishment notice.

Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods.


Once you have been contacted by Support, pack the System in its original packaging or a well-protected box, as outlined in the NZXT Packing Instructions available here.

If you do not have the original or compatible packaging to return the defective portions of your System, you can contact NZXT’s support team at 1800 413 611 or who will provide you a shipping box and packaging material at no cost.

Please pack the System with a copy proof of purchase, your name, address, phone number, and a description of the problem(s).

We will attempt to ship the System or any replacement parts back to you within two weeks from the date we receive your Shipment, but cannot guarantee this timeframe.

General Packing Instructions.

NZXT advises shipping the computer in the original box and packing materials. If the original box and materials are no longer available, please call your shipper to receive specifications for shipping a package through them.

Please include the following:

  • Your Full Name;
  • Address;
  • Daytime Phone Number; and
  • Problem(S) Description.

Full System Packing Instructions.

The box should be able to handle a weight of 25kgs. There should be a minimum of 8cm of space on all six sides of the computer.

The 3cm space should be fitted with BLOCK FOAM material. Make sure the material will absorb an impact if dropped. We do not recommend foam popcorn/peanuts, newspaper, pieces of cardboard, blankets etc. These materials tend to shift in the box and allow the computer to move and make contact with the sides of the box.

Use heavy-duty packing tape rated at 30 kgs to seal the package. Do not use masking tape.

When you ship your product in for repair or credit, NZXT is not liable or responsible for freight damage. It is recommended that you insure the package in the event that your NZXT product is received freight damaged, you may be able to file a claim with your shipper.

Parts Packing Instructions.

Individual parts must be handled in a similar manner: The parts must have sufficient protection to prevent damage, use anti-static bag for memory and peripherals.

Hard drives, Floppy drives, CD-ROMS and peripherals must be boxed. Never use an envelope. These parts are sensitive to being dropped or crushed.

Any package received damaged will be kept in the receiving department and the Technical Support and Customer Service Supervisors will be contacted in order to contact you regarding the damage. You will then be advised to file a claim with the shipping company.

If you have any questions regarding this limited warranty, return policy or packing instructions, please E-mail us at: