The New H5 Series

Crisp airflow, a uniquely angled 120mm air duct fan for dedicated GPU cooling, and optimized cable management make this case ideal for powerful, compact builds.

Get Equipped for an Expedition

Upgrade the Player: Two PC for interstellar travel with the CRFT 12 H5 Flow Starfield case.

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Open Up Performance

Build a compact, powerful, and relentlessly cool PC with the H5 Flow and H5 Elite.

Cool Down, Power Up

Great cooling and powerful performance are only a build away with the H5 Elite and the H5 Flow.

Airflow Everywhere

The opened top panel allows for more exhaust flow, increasing cooling performance. An exclusive angled 120mm air duct fan provides dedicated GPU cooling.

Room To Breathe

Go big on cooling with a wider chassis and increased panel size compared to the previous generation, providing room for a 240mm radiator or two 120mm fans (Top), 280mm radiator or two 140mm fans (Front).

A Clean, Compact, and Easy Build Experience

Easy Cable Routing

Wider cable channels offer more space for multiple individual cables or thicker individually sleeved cables.

Keep It Clean

Built-in hooks, bridges, and velcro straps help keep things neat and tidy.

Room for More

A larger PSU shroud opening allows for easy access to your components.

Say Hello to the H5 Series

The H5 Flow, H5 Flow RGB and Elite are compact cases capable of housing powerful components and keeping them cool.

Cool Down with H5 Flow & Flow RGB

The mesh front panel allows for enhanced airflow, and the angled 120mm air duct fan offers dedicated cooling for your GPU. (Available with two pre-installed F140 RGB Core fans for a splash of style)

Show Off with the H5 Elite

Featuring a glass front panel and a built-in RGB Controller utilizing NZXT CAM, the Elite is ready for its close-up with dazzling RGB customization and lighting effects.

The Brighter Side of the H5 Flow

The H5 Flow RGB takes everything that's great about the H5 Flow and adds two pre-installed F140 RGB Core fans & two F120Q fans for a vibrant, cool look.

Suit Your Space

The H5 Flow and Elite are available in All-White and All-Black, helping this compact mid-tower slide into any setup.

Join the Elite

The H5 Elite combines a compact form factor, crisp cooling, and versatile style with an angled 120mm air duct fan, a tempered glass front panel, and a built-in RGB controller.

Customizable Lighting

The H5 Elite features a built-in NZXT CAM-enabled RGB Controller, allowing for colorful customization and personalized expression.

Glass Paneling

The H5 Elite features a glass front panel, showcasing the luminous colors of your customized build and the built-in F Series RGB fans.

Powerful Airflow and Easy Installation With the T120

The T120 offers streamlined aesthetics along with high-quality cooling to complete a seamless H5 build. Easy on the eyes, and simple to install, the T120 Air Cooler comes with your choice of an RGB Fan or non-RGB option and works with NZXT CAM for increased customization.

Vertical GPU Mounting Kit

The solid steel bracket allows for vertical mounting of the GPU, and the PCIe Riser Cable is highly flexible, supporting high-speed data transferral and backwards compatibility.

A Colorful Pair

The H5 Elite sports two F Series RGB 140mm fans to bathe premium components in fully customizable lighting and cooling.

Cool for Longer

Patented fluid dynamic bearings offer a 60,000-hour lifespan.

Dazzling Customization

18 individually customizable RGB LEDs for harmonized lighting effects color customization via NZXT CAM.

Increased Cooling with Kraken X

The H5 Flow and Elite are built for cooling, but Kraken X coolers are here to take it to the next tier.


Enhanced thermal performance with Kraken X's top-of-the-line liquid cooling and the H5's airflow-focused layout.


Show off dazzling aesthetics with the H5's minimalist design and the Kraken X's infinity mirror display with an improved ecosystem and compatibility through NZXT CAM.

Light it Up with NZXT CAM

Customize lighting and create the perfect lighting ecosystem with NZXT CAM and the H5 Elite utilizing its built-in RGB Controller.

Better Together

Create the ultimate desk setup with our lineup; whether it is a Canvas Monitor, a Capsule Mic, a Function Keyboard, or any of our other great products, you can combine them to make for a customizable and cohesive desktop environment.

H510 Series

The H510 cases are compact mid-towers with room for powerful components.





Build With the H510

Craft your PC in the original H510 Series.

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