Quiet Airflow Fans

PC Case Fans


Quiet Airflow Fans move high volumes of air with low noise. Ideal for general intake and exhaust.

The Strong Silent Type

Quiet Airflow Fans deliver high-performance, low-noise cooling for general case ventilation.

Ample Airflow

Moves large amounts of air for intake and exhaust.

Optimal Blade Design

Nine sickle-shaped blades slice through the air to generate superior airflow.

Concentrated Air

Chamfered frame directs airflow deep into the case before dispersing.

Maximized Efficiency

Minimal blade-to-frame gap allows for the largest possible spinning area.

Smooth. Silent. Stable.

Designed to make the least noise possible.

Fluid Dynamic Bearing

Consistent lubrication reduces friction for smooth, quiet operation.

Structurally Sound

Strong plastic frame withstands turbulence at high speeds.

Rubber Dampeners

Rubberized corners absorb any unwanted vibration noise.

Works Smarter, Lasts Longer

Guaranteed efficiency and reliability.

PWM Control

Dynamically adjusts fan speeds based on system temperatures.

Long Lifespan

The fluid dynamic bearing enables over six years of continuous use.

2-Year Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind and top-quality customer support.

Which Size?

Choosing between 120mm and 140mm primarily depends on case compatibility.

120mm vs. 140mm

120mm fans tend to fit in more cases and can provide a build with more fans in total, but come with higher noise potential and lower efficiency.

140mm fans are generally quieter and more efficient as their larger blades can move the same amount of air at slower speeds.

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120mm Quiet Airflow PWM Case Fan



140mm Quiet Airflow PWM Case Fan


F120Q (2022)

Ventilador de flujo de aire silencioso de 120 mm


500 - 1,700 ± 200 RPM

Speed / per fan

500 - 1,500 ± 150 RPM

Speed / per fan

500 - 1,200 ± 300 RPM

Speed / per fan

74.26 CFM

Airflow / per fan

102.90 CFM

Airflow / per fan

64 CFM

Airflow / per fan

1.43 mm H₂O

Static Pressure / per fan

1.77 mm H₂O

Static Pressure / per fan

1.08 mm - H₂O

Static Pressure / per fan

25.1 dBA

Noise / per fan

29.8 dBA

Noise / per fan

22.5 dBA

Noise / per fan

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