Digital RGB Lighting and Fan Control


Connect and manage your fan speeds and RGB lighting through NZXT CAM software.

Complete Case Control

NZXT controllers enable seamless connection and configuration of your PC’s fans and RGB lighting through CAM software.

Choose Your Controller

Each controller works with every type of NZXT fan, but the Control Hub offers an enhanced experience for RGB Core single-frame fans.

RGB & Fan Controller

Control up to nine individual PWM fans and customize RGB lighting on up to six compatible devices.

Control Hub

Simplest way to operate up to four RGB Core single-frame fans plus an additional individual RGB fan.

Command with CAM

Easy-to-use software for controlling fan speeds, personalizing lighting, and monitoring your PC’s performance.

Custom Cooling

Optimize your PC’s performance through CAM’s easy-to-use interface. Fine-tune fan speeds, create custom fan curves, and enable dynamic responses to system temperature changes.

Light, Your Way

Use CAM to add a personal touch to your build’s aesthetic. Customize each individual RGB LED per fan to create intricate and synchronized lighting effects, making your setup truly unique.

Intuitive Installation

Secure your NZXT controller directly to the inside of your case with the built-in magnets. CAM automatically detects each connected device for effortless setup.

Compare Models

NZXT Control Hub

Digital RGB Lighting & Fan Speed Controller


RGB & Fan Controller (2022)

Illuminazione RGB e Canali di Ventilazione con Controllo Digitale


3 x NZXT 8-pin (PWM), 1 x NZXT 8-pin (PWM+DC), 1 x 4-pin PWM (PWM+DC)

Fan Channels

6 x 4-pin (PWM+DC)

Fan Channels

4 x NZXT 8-pin, 1 x NZXT RGB

RGB Channels


RGB Channels

96 LEDs per NZXT 8-pin channel; 40 LEDs for NZXT RGB channel

Max LED Support

40 LEDs per channel; 120 LEDs total for all 6 channels

Max LED Support

NZXT 8-pin ports

Single-Frame Fan Connection

Splitter cable

Single-Frame Fan Connection

1 x NZXT 8-pin , 1 x NZXT RGB (1 to 3 split), 1 x 4-pin PWM fan (1 to 3 split)

Splitter Cables

3 x 4-pin PWM fan (1 to 3 split)

Splitter Cables

Magnets, 3M™ Dual Lock™


Magnets, 3M™ Dual Lock™


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