Relay Audio

High-Fidelity Gaming Audio Ecosystem


A high-fidelity hardware ecosystem that provides remarkable sound independently and becomes even more amplified when combined.

Sound Like Magic

Relay Audio boasts high-quality PC gaming audio peripherals that excel on their own but truly come alive when combined. With seamless switching between headset and speakers, Relay delivers a versatile and engaging gaming soundscape that lets you instantly shift between isolated or expansive sound.

The Relay Lineup

For gaming and beyond.

Relay Headset

Crystal-clear, certified Hi-Res Audio for when every detail matters.


Don't miss a beat when going from competitive gaming to expansive audio.

Relay Speakers & Subwoofer

Bring your favorite games to life with a room-filling soundscape.

Relay Headset

Sonically Accurate

Relay Headset delivers clear, immersive sound with certified Hi-Res Audio in a comfy design.

Hi-Res Audio

Experience an expanded frequency range and heightened detail—certified by Japan Audio Society.

Tune It or Leave It

Get clean, balanced sound right out of the box or custom-tune EQ settings with NZXT CAM.

Featherweight Comfort

Lightweight, adjustable frame with memory foam cushions guarantees long-term comfort.


The Magic Switch

Bounce between headset and speaker audio and customize sound with SwitchMix.

A Sound Design

Seamlessly switch between headset and speaker audio by placing or removing a headset.

Mix it Up

The studio-grade slider makes it simple to find the ideal balance between in-game and voice sounds.

Immersively Accurate

Get high-resolution audio and DTS 7.1 surround sound for any connected compatible device.

1. Volume Control

Keep volume adjustment at your fingertips with 11 LEDs for status indication.

2. Simple Mixing

Adjust the volume of voice chatter and in-game audio with the voice/game slider.

3. Mute

Mute at the press of a button by tapping on the volume knob.

Relay Speakers & Subwoofer

Expansive Sound

Relay Speakers & Subwoofer bring games, music, and more to life with room-filling audio.

Full-Range Speakers

80-watt total output with glass fiber drivers and silk dome tweeters pump out dynamic sound.

Booming Bass

Subwoofer features a down-firing driver and 140 watts of power for ground-shaking bass.

Sturdy Sound

High-quality construction provides distortion-free audio plus a mature, modern design.

Be the Maestro

Whether you're playing a competitive match or enjoying your favorite stream, SwitchMix brings the noise—from speakers to headset and back again.

Focus in isolation with a headset, or cover your room in a blanket of sound without missing a beat.

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Better Together

The NZXT Capsule and Capsule Mini are fully optimized plug-and-play gaming microphones and are ready to complete your audio setup.