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Embark on an Odyssey with NZXT's Limited Edition CRFT Starfield Gaming Products

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NZXT CRFT Starfield

NZXT is taking you on an interstellar adventure with its latest launch – the Limited Edition CRFT Starfield Collection. Inspired by the boundless wonders of the cosmos and the nostalgic charm of classic gaming, this series is designed to elevate the gaming setup of enthusiasts and dreamers alike to celestial heights.

The Starfield Collection: A Gateway to the Gaming Galaxy

Player: Two | CRFT 12 Edition PC

At the heart of the collection lies the Player: Two | CRFT 12 Edition PC, an homage to the golden age of gaming. Priced at $1,999.00, this custom-crafted gaming PC encases top-tier performance within a design that sparks retro joy. It's not just a gaming machine; it's a portal to the past and a companion for the future, all while delivering the high-end specs that modern gamers demand.

H5 Flow Starfield Case

Joining the lineup at $129.99, the H5 Flow Starfield Limited Edition case features a design that is a window to the gaming soul. It's where style meets function, allowing you to showcase your build's heart while ensuring optimal airflow to keep your components at just the right temperature during your gaming marathons.

Lift 2 Starfield Mouse

For those who believe control is everything, the Lift 2 Starfield mouse, priced at $59.99, offers an ultra-lightweight form combined with state-of-the-art gaming sensor tech. This mouse is a celebration of precision and agility, ensuring every movement is as smooth as a comet's trail.

Starfield MXL900 Mousepad

Completing the collection is the Starfield MXL900 mousepad for $39.99, a stellar canvas for your mouse's voyage across the digital universe. Its seamless surface ensures every small adjustment is accurate, providing a consistent foundation for your cosmic conquests.

Craft Your Own Spacecraft

The Starfield series isn't just about aesthetics; it's about crafting a personal space vessel for your gaming journey. Each piece in the collection is engineered to provide a seamless gaming experience, whether you're delving into virtual worlds or creating new ones.

From the tactile feedback of the Lift 2 Starfield mouse to the expansive realms your GPU will unveil within the H5 Flow Starfield case, each element is a piece of the puzzle that completes your command center.

The collection is available now, but as with all cosmic events, it's fleeting. Gamers and collectors, prepare your rigs; it's time to embark on an odyssey into the starfield.

Embark on your journey and claim your gear before it becomes the stuff of legend. Visit NZXT's website now to add these celestial bodies to your gaming universe.