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Make the everyday easier

More games. Better graphics. Higher performance. Wherever the limit is with gaming, you’re closer to it with Windows 11

PC Gaming Performance

Meet Windows 11

Windows 11 helps take your productivity and creativity to new levels.

Easier to play

Enjoy the win. Crush it. Crash it. Love it. Live it. More games. More power. More ways to meet, beat, and explore. The world of gaming is yours with Windows 11.

You’ll Forget That You’re Looking At Pixels

Get the Windows 11 tech that enables expansive worlds to load in less time, seen at higher frame rates, and with more vivid colors.

Colors For Your Eyes Only

With the HDR Calibration app, you can fine–tune the color profiles produced by games until they’re perfect for you. After all, everyone sees differently.

The Simplest Way to Get Into PC Gaming

Take it to the next level

Player: One is built by experts to play the latest games competitively.

Build Your Own PC

We build custom PCs around your budget. Pick your parts. We build it.

Gaming PCs Made Simple

We build custom PCs around your budget, optimized for the games you love. Pick your parts. We build it. All custom PC’s come with 1 Month of free PC Game Pass.

Terms & Conditions Apply. See Full Details

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