Limited Edition: NZXT Mass Effect Puck


Easily store any VR or audio headsets while keeping cables organized. Powerful magnets allow quick and easy mounting.

Mass Effect Puck

The NZXT Mass Effect Puck features the seal of the N7 special forces and designates each Puck owner's achievement of completing the Systems Alliances’ Interplanetary Combatives Training program.

Alliance Approved

Not only is this special edition Puck a great way to showcase your love of the iconic trilogy, it’s also a stylish way to store headsets, VR headsets, or cables on your PC case or metal surface.


Compact size ideal for mounting on PC case. Silicone construction ensures flexibility and durability.

Pan Puck

Out of the Battle Royale and into the frying pan, the limited edition NZXT Pan Puck provides the perfect headset and cable management solution for the PUBG player.

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