Arrangement of NZXT’s latest Products featuring a White H7 Flow RGB, F Series RGB Single Frame Fans, Control Hub, and their latest Gold and Platinum Power Supplies

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Our latest PC components simplify building and amplify performance.

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H7 Flow | H7 Flow RGB

The latest H7 Flow reimagines GPU cooling in a classic mid-tower form factor. Its unique vertical PSU layout makes space for three bottom-mounted fans, offering powerful cooling without expanding the case footprint.

F240 | F280 | F360

RGB Core Single-Frame Fans

The innovative NZXT F-Series RGB Core single-frame fans combine multiple RGB fans into an all-in-one design, simplifying installation and control with fewer connections, cables, and screws.

C850 | C1000 | C1200

Gold ATX 3.1 PSUs

The newest generation of C-Series Gold PSUs fuel the demands of power-hungry graphics cards with the latest ATX 3.1 standard in a low-noise, airflow-optimized design.


Platinum ATX 3.1 PSU

The almighty C1500 Platinum ATX 3.1 PSU delivers peak performance to top-tier PCs and components with highly efficient digital power and an exceptionally quiet magnetic levitation fan.

Control Hub

The NZXT Control Hub is the optimal solution for connecting and managing NZXT’s fan and RGB lighting ecosystem through CAM software. It can operate a full build of F-Series RGB Core single-frame fans, with each unit only requiring a single cable connection.

F120Q | F140Q

Quiet Airflow Fans

These redesigned fans deliver high-performance, low-noise cooling to any system, with optimized blades and frame for powerful airflow.

F120P | F140P

Static Pressure Fans

These redesigned fans force air through tight spaces like radiators and heat sinks, with optimized blades and frame for concentrated airflow.

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