UHD Monitors

Ultra High-Definition 4K Gaming Monitors

UHD 4K Gaming Monitors

Put your best performance with a display featuring up to 240Hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync Premium certification, and an IPS panel with a 1ms response time. Compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync.

4K UHD - 3840 x 2160 Resolution

MSI gaming monitors feature a UHD panel that supports resolution up to 3840x2160. This 16:9 panel allows gamers to examine bigger game scenes compared to other traditional FHD panels, and provide an immersive gaming experience.

Rapid Boost

Rapid boost display provides gamers with an ultra-fast response time and refresh rate, which will significantly reduce monitor blur occurrence. The crystal clear image will certainly give you a competitive edge for precise decisions in fast-moving games.


Challenge any game without screen tearing, stuttering, flicker or artifacts. G-SYNC Compatible dynamically matches the refresh rate of the display to the frame rate of the GPU.

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