Product Guarantee

This Product Guarantee is a voluntary guarantee, and it applies to NZXT products ("NZXT Products") sold via the NZXT webshop for the UK and as specified in these guarantee terms and conditions.

This Product Guarantee extends your rights beyond the statutory rights of the consumer (e.g. your rights for defects or rights under the Consumer Protection Act 1987), but does not limit these statutory rights in any way.

Where your statutory consumer rights and your rights under this Product Guarantee overlap, you may choose to exercise your statutory rights or your rights under this Product Guarantee. Even if you choose to enforce your rights under this Product Guarantee, you can still enforce your statutory consumer rights at any time if the legal requirements are met.

NZXT guarantees the NZXT Products listed below to be of satisfactory quality (within the meaning of the Sale of Goods Act 1979), fit for any purpose held out by us and free from defects in material and workmanship for the applicable guarantee period from the date of receipt of the NZXT product by you, subject to the terms and conditions of this Product Guarantee.

The guarantee period for any component of your NZXT product replaced or repaired during the guarantee period or for any NZXT product replaced or repaired during the guarantee period is the remainder of the original guarantee period or 30 calendar days, whichever is longer.

Which NZXT Products are covered by this Product Guarantee?

NZXT systems
Your NZXT system includes all hardware components except for operating systems, software, documentation and other supporting materials, when configured at the factory and operated under normal conditions.
Guarantee period: three (3) years.

Computer parts Computer parts include computer cases, temperature measurement devices, fans, accessories and cables.
Guarantee period: three (3) years.

Power supplies of the series NZXT E and NZXT C
Guarantee period: ten (10) years.

Water cooling systems of the NZXT Kraken X and Kraken Z series
Guarantee period: six (6) years.

Complete water cooling systems of the Kraken M22 and Kraken 120 series
Guarantee period: three (3) years.

Motherboard N7
Guarantee period: four (4) years.

All NZXT certified and refurbished products
Guarantee period: one (1) year.

What is covered by this Product Guarantee?

NZXT guarantees that your NZXT product will be free from defects in material and workmanship during the guarantee period.

For all certified and refurbished NZXT Products, NZXT also guarantees that all parts are free from defects in material and workmanship and that NZXT's work in this regard has been free from defects.

For all systems for which NZXT has promised a certain number of frames per second (measured in "fps"), NZXT guarantees that the frames per second determined by the CAM Performance Monitoring and Analysis Software ("CAM") will not deviate by more than ten percent (10%) from the promised value.

If any NZXT product deviates from the condition guaranteed by this Product guarantee, a "guarantee case" exists.

What are your rights under this Product Guarantee?

During the guarantee period, you are entitled to a repair, replacement or refund of the price of any defective NZXT product or part thereof.

It is at the reasonable discretion of NZXT whether an NZXT product or part thereof will be repaired, replaced or refunded with an equivalent or higher value NZXT product under this guarantee. This only applies to the extent that you do not have the right to choose yourself under your statutory warranty rights.

NZXT will cover the costs of repair, replacement or refund. NZXT will cover the cost of return shipping if you purchased your NZXT product directly from NZXT.

If you purchased your NZXT from an authorized NZXT dealer, NZXT will only cover the cost of returning the repaired or new part to you. The cost of returning the defective NZXT product will be borne by you.

What is not covered by this Product Guarantee?

This Product Guarantee does not cover:

  • for NZXT Products that you did not purchase as a first buyer from NZXT itself or an authorized NZXT dealer.
  • Products that are marked with the note "CRFT" in the webshop or in the order confirmation. These are products are specially configured and manufactured for the ordering customer.
  • for cosmetic damage to your NZXT product below a value of ten (10) GBP or for cosmetic damage to your NZXT product which you report to NZXT later than 21 calendar days after delivery of your NZXT product to you
  • for damage resulting from improper installation, handling or care, power supply problems, lack of care, accidents, normal wear and tear, contamination or aging. Improper handling also includes failure to follow the operating instructions included with the product, including any necessary maintenance or updates or failure to apply any necessary security patches.
  • for water damage, fire damage or damage caused by your fault or the fault of third parties.
  • for damage caused by unauthorized repairs.
  • for transport damage.

This Product Guarantee is void if:

  • You have altered any performance data of your NZXT product that would constitute a guarantee claim by hacking, tampering or other fraudulent means.
  • the service tag, guarantee sticker, serial number or other markings, if any, have been removed, altered or made illegible.
  • You upgrade or retrofit your NZXT product upon receipt.

How can you exercise your rights under this Product Guarantee?

  • In order to exercise your Product Guarantee rights you must contact NZXT via the support portal within 14 calendar days of the guarantee claim.
  • To do so, you must create a ticket and provide a truthful, accurate and complete description of the guarantee claim. You may enclose a copy of your invoice for the purchase of your NZXT system or computer part as proof of purchase. If you do not have proof of purchase, you must provide proof of purchase at the latest when requested by the support team, otherwise your guarantee claim will not be processed.
  • Once your guarantee case has been cleared internally, NZXT will send you a return label to return your NZXT product to NZXT free of charge. If NZXT will only pay the cost of the return shipment, NZXT will send you a Return Authorization Number to be affixed to the package in which your NZXT product is shipped. Otherwise, your NZXT product cannot be assigned to your ticket or your guarantee claim cannot be processed.
  • If the guarantee claim relates to a previously replaced component of your NZXT system or computer part, a copy of the confirmation of delivery of the replaced component is required in addition to the copy of the invoice.
  • If you need to return your NZXT product for repairs or replacement under guarantee or if your NZXT product needs to be otherwise repaired by NZXT's support team, please ensure that you have made a backup copy of any files, data or programs stored on the hard disk or other storage device on which the product is installed and that all confidential or private information has been deleted from the hard disk.
  • External accessories should not be sent in the event of a guarantee claim.