Relay Audio

High-Fidelity Gaming Audio Ecosystem


A high-fidelity hardware ecosystem that provides remarkable sound independently and becomes even more amplified when combined.

Sound Like Magic

Relay Audio boasts high-quality PC gaming audio peripherals that excel on their own but truly come alive when combined. With seamless switching between headset and speakers, Relay delivers a versatile and engaging gaming soundscape that lets you instantly shift between isolated or expansive sound.

The Relay Lineup

For gaming and beyond.

Relay Headset

Crystal-clear, certified Hi-Res Audio for when every detail matters.


Don't miss a beat when going from competitive gaming to expansive audio.

Relay Speakers & Subwoofer

Bring your favorite games to life with a room-filling soundscape.

Relay Headset

Sonically Accurate

Relay Headset delivers clear, immersive sound with certified Hi-Res Audio in a comfy design.

Hi-Res Audio

DTS Headphone:X

DTS Headphone:X


The Magic Switch

Bounce between headset and speaker audio and customize sound with SwitchMix.

A Sound Design

Mix & Match

Immersively Accurate

1. Volume Control

Keep volume adjustment at your fingertips with 11 LEDs for status indication.

2. Simple Mixing

Adjust the volume of voice chatter and in-game audio with the voice/game slider.

3. Mute

Mute at the press of a button by tapping on the volume knob.

Relay Speakers & Subwoofer

Expansive Sound

Relay Speakers & Subwoofer bring games, music, and more to life with room-filling audio.

Immersively Accurate

Sturdy Sound

Booming Bass

Be the Maestro

Whether you're playing a competitive match or enjoying your favorite stream, SwitchMix brings the noise—from speakers to headset and back again.

Focus in isolation with a headset, or cover your room in a blanket of sound without missing a beat.

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Better Together

The NZXT Capsule and Capsule Mini are fully optimized plug-and-play gaming microphones and are ready to complete your audio setup.