H6 Series

Compact Dual-Chamber Mid-Tower Airflow Cases

Meet the H6

The H6 Flow's design prioritizes GPU cooling and frees up space, while panoramic glass showcases the inside.

What Others Say

"NZXT H6 Flow RGB is, as per NZXT tradition, a really great case."
"The NZXT H6 Flow RGB is more than just a pretty face as it also works impressively well."

“Efficient, enjoyable, not too bulky, and affordable, this NZXT H6 Flow is a banger!”

A Seamless Showcase

Experience the efficiency of a dual-chamber layout, harmoniously balanced with elegant style.

Panoramic Paneling

Wraparound glass provides an unobstructed view of the inside.

Compact Dual-Chamber Design

Improves cooling performance and creates an uncrowded aesthetic.

Vertical GPU Support

Proudly display your GPU vertically using the NZXT Vertical GPU Mounting Kit (sold separately).

Peak Performance

Precision cooling with thoughtfully designed airflow.


Angled Airflow

Angled front-right corner with 3 x 120mm pre-installed fans targets heat-prone components.

Focused GPU Cooling

Fits two 140mm fans under the graphics card for flush-mounted bottom intake.

Optimal Perforation

Ultra-fine perforation on the top and sides and more open in the rear to maximize airflow.

Suit Your Space

The H6 Flow and H6 Flow RGB are available in All-White and All-Black.


Building Made Simple

Streamlined design for easy upgrades, cable management, and expansive component support.

Intuitive Cable Management

Easily manage cables with wide channels and included straps.

Tool-Less Access

Access the top and side panels without tools for quick upgrades.

Spacious Support

Up to a 360mm radiator in the top and clearance for a 365mm GPU.

Compare All Models

For every space, there's an H series case to match. Compare and find your fit.

Enhance Your H6

Get the most out of the H6 with these NZXT components and accessories.

Personalize the H6 with the Kraken


Este sistema de refrigeración líquida todo en uno (AIO) de NZXT ofrece un potencial de refrigeración de buena calidad.

Monitor Your PC or Show Off

Monitor temperatures or customize with GIFs on the Kraken 240 x 240 LCD display.

Vertical GPU Mounting Kit

A solid steel bracket for vertically mounting your GPU, supporting high-speed data transferral and backward compatibility. This mount is ready for 40 series cards with PCIe 4.0 supported riser cable with high-speed data transferal.

A Colorful Trio

The H6 Flow RGB has three pre-installed F120 RGB Core fans positioned at an angle to cool internal components for out-of-the-box performance.

Refrigeración óptima

El diseño de las aspas del ventilador ofrece un equilibrio óptimo entre el flujo de aire y la alta presión estática, ideal para su uso en cualquier lugar del PC

Personalización deslumbrante

Los 20 ledes RGB configurables por separado y la iluminación de doble cara ofrecen efectos de iluminación armonizados y personalización de colores mediante NZXT CAM.

Mejor juntos

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