NZXT fans ensure efficient airflow and cooling throughout your PC, available in various types and sizes.

The Fan Family

Meet our lineup of high-performance, purpose-built fans.


Combines vibrant lighting with balanced performance. Suitable for use anywhere.

Quiet Airflow

Moves large volumes of air while keeping noise to a minimum. Ideal for general intake and exhaust.

Static Pressure

Forces air through restricted spaces. Ideal for radiators, heat sinks, and dust filters.


A Simpler Approach to RGB

Building with RGB fans has never been more convenient and clutter free.

Break the Chain

Say farewell to modular fans and daisy chains. F Series RGB Core fans come in F240, F280, and F360 single-frame units, seamlessly combining two or three fans into one sleek design. Simplify the installation process and enjoy a cleaner build with fewer connections, cables, and screws.

Complete Control

The NZXT Control Hub is an all-in-one solution for managing your build’s RGB lighting and fan speeds through CAM. Control five individual fans and customize five RGB devices, including a full build of RGB Core Single-Frame Fans.

Explore Our Fans

Discover the ideal fit for your PC’s cooling needs with our streamlined selection of fan types.

A Fan For Every (Use) Case

Each NZXT fan is optimized for a specific purpose. Whether it’s for general airflow, radiator cooling, or vibrant RGB, we’ve got you covered.


These fans provide vibrant visuals fully customizable through CAM software, alongside a well-balanced combination of airflow and static pressure.

Their all-around performance makes them suitable for use anywhere in a build.

Quiet Airflow

Featuring nine sickle-shaped blades, these fans are designed to move large volumes of air while keeping noise at a minimum.

Ideal for case intake and exhaust, including the top, front, bottom, and back panels.

Static Pressure

These fans feature seven thick blades optimized for high static pressure, pushing powerful concentrated airflow through restricted spaces.

Recommended for use where there’s resistance, like radiators, heat sinks, and dust filters.

Powered by CAM

Control fan speeds, personalize RGB lighting, and monitor your PC’s performance.

Custom Cooling

Optimize your PC’s performance through CAM’s easy-to-use interface. Fine-tune fan speeds, create custom fan curves, and enable dynamic responses to system temperature changes.

Light, Your Way

Use CAM to add a personal touch to your build’s aesthetic. Customize each individual RGB LED per fan to create intricate and synchronized lighting effects, making your setup truly unique.

Compare Models


RGB Fans

From €19.99

Balanced airflow & pressure

Intake or exhaust; radiators

RGB lighting

Static Pressure

Radiator Fans

From €14.99

High static pressure

Radiators, filters, heat sinks

No RGB lighting

Quiet Airflow

Case Fans

From €14.99

High airflow

Intake or exhaust

No RGB lighting

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