Platinum PSU

80 PLUS Platinum Power Supply


Platinum PSUs deliver efficient, future-proof power for the most demanding DIY builds.

Power the Future

Platinum PSUs power the most demanding builds with elite efficiency.

ATX 3.1

Compliant with the ATX 3.1 standard, the C1500 Platinum supports up to 2x total power and 3x GPU power during power spikes, making it future-proof for the next-gen components.

Next-Gen Ready

Dual 16-pin 12V-2x6 connectors can power GPUs drawing more than 600 watts.

Digital Power

Enables precise voltage regulation, resulting in higher efficiency and lower ripple noise.

Elite Efficiency

Exceeds the 80 PLUS Platinum standard, earning the Cybenetics Titanium Efficiency certification.

Magnetic Levitation Fan

140mm fan uses air-suspended blades to minimize noise, extend lifespan, and boost airflow.

Zero Fan Mode

Fan automatically stops spinning when under 60% load for total silence, and then turns back on when needed.

Highest Quality

Built with 100% Japanese capacitors to ensure the best performance and reliability.

Fully Modular

Connect only the cables your system needs to free up valuable case space.

Space-Saving Size

Compact design frees up room for cable management and more airflow.

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