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CRFT is a line of limited edition, officially licensed products based around the communities we love.

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MXL900 Starfield

Feel the gravity wave with the Starfield MXL900. This mousepad combines space-age style and game-ready durability into one silky smooth surface.

Lift 2 Starfield

The Starfield Lift 2 Ergo features an 8,000 Hz polling rate, optical switches, and a 26,000 DPI sensor for high-speed space-faring precision.

H5 Flow Starfield

NZXT and Bethesda have joined factions to craft the H5 Flow Starfield. Created for the daring Constellation explorer, this case is designed to house your interstellar components for transit across the Milky Way.

Six Siege Keycaps

Get ready to drone in or detonate your way to victory with the Six Siege Drone and Nitro Cell Artisan Keycaps. These keycaps are designed to keep some of the handiest R6 gear directly at your fingertips.

H510i Rivals

The H510i Rivals celebrates our favorite competitive duo challenging one another. Celebrate the clash between these two—and grow your powers together.

H510i All Might

NZXT and My Hero Academia have joined forces to design the H510i All Might. This limited-edition case is designed to stand against the most dangerous villains. It borrows inspiration from the number one Hero to protect the components placed inside.

H710i Cyberpunk

The H710i Cyberpunk is a mid-tower chassis with the added intrigue and aesthetics of the world of Cyberpunk 2077.

Mass Effect Puck

Join the ranks of the N7 with the CRFT Mass Effect Puck. Store your headset like an elite member of the Alliance SpecForce.

H510 Valhalla

This H510 is fit for a Viking down to the last detail. The motherboard tray appears in Assassin's Creed Valhalla thematic colors. The limited edition puck has been crafted in the design of Eivor's crested shield, with a removable arrow.

H510i Mass Effect

The H510i Mass Effect equips any build with N7 protective gear, featuring a kinetic armor theme and the iconic N7 logo and stripe.

H510 Siege

The H510 Siege is the perfect squadmate, whether the team is breaching the Chalet or reinforcing the Club House.

H510 Horde & Alliance

NZXT and Blizzard team up once again to bring the perfect case companion as players descend into the World of Warcraft. For the Horde!

H500 Vault Boy

NZXT and Bethesda team up again to bring you this limited edition case from the factories of Vault-Tec.

Pan Puck

Out of the Battle Royale and into the frying pan, the limited edition NZXT Pan Puck provides the perfect headset and cable management solution for the PUBG player.

H700 Nuka-Cola

NZXT has teamed up with Bethesda to bring you the H700 in an all-new Nuka-Cola flavor.


NZXT and PUBG Corp. are joining forces with Gamer’s Outreach to bring the iconic AirDrop to your desk.