Core Series

Pre-Assembled Case + Cooler + PSU + Motherboard

Case + Cooler + Power + MOBO

Start with a blank slate to build something great. The Core Series is a line of partially pre-assembled PCs with installed and cable-managed NZXT components.

The Core of It All

The Core Series skips the tedious parts of the build process so you can get to the fun part. Like a clutch save checkpoint after the most grueling part of your game.

Why We Built This

For the new builder or the seasoned pro, the Core Series is primed and ready for the finishing touches.

Ready for your brand-new GPU and other performance parts

Helpful installation lets you skip tricky steps

Saves time for anyone too busy to build from scratch

We Make This Look Good

The Core Series is built with NZXT components that are thoughtfully designed to look great together.

What You'll Get

All NZXT components are built and shipped in a single box.


The H510, H510 Elite, and H710 offer plenty of space for up to 360mm AIOs and other premium components while bringing easy-to-build-in features to minimize frustration and maximize performance.


Designed to fit comfortably in the H510 and H710 cases, Kraken X AIO Coolers provide superior cooling, stunning visual effects, and premium CPU performance.

Power Supply

The 80 Plus Rated C Series Power Supplies operate efficiently with less heat to reduce fan RPM at high and low-load conditions.


Featuring an N7 Z590 or N7 B550 motherboard, choose your preferred AMD or Intel CPU and customize your build with built-in RGB lighting control, fan control, Wifi 6E wireless connectivity, and Bluetooth.

Built By Experts

The Core Series comes with all NZXT parts and is professionally assembled.

Cable Management Included

Your pre-configured build will arrive cable managed to get you back to gaming.

2-Year Warranty

Our 2-year warranty covers all parts and labor, and support from our award-winning customer service team.

What You'll Need

We've laid the foundation and left the fun parts to preserve the joy of building, without the hassle.

These parts aren't included.

Becuase your build is pre-assembled, you won't need to route cables or open the back panel. Simply install the below remaining parts.





OS (Windows)

Component Breakdown

Core H710 PC Build

H710 Assembled with NZXT AIO Cooler, PSU and Motherboard


Core H510 PC Build

H510 Assembled with NZXT AIO Cooler, PSU and Motherboard


Core H510 Elite PC Build

H510 Elite Assembled with NZXT AIO Cooler, PSU and Motherboard


H710 White/Black


H510 White/Black


H510 Elite White


Kraken X63 RGB White


Kraken X53 RGB Black


Kraken X53 RGB Black


N7 B550 AMD Motherboard White


N7 Z590 Intel Motherboard White


N7 Z590 Intel Motherboard White


C750 Bronze


C650 Bronze


C650 Bronze


Light it Up with NZXT CAM

Customize lighting and create the perfect lighting ecosystem with NZXT CAM and the H5 Elite utilizing its built-in RGB Controller.

Other Paths To Gaming

If our Core Series does not suit your use case, take a look at our other options to get you gaming.

Guided DIY PC Build


Everything you need to build your first gaming PC, from all the components to a handy guide.


Custom PCs

If you want full control on all your chosen components, configure your own PC that is built and tested by our experts

Prebuilt PCs

NZXT prebuilds are entirely plug-and-play. All that's left to do is unbox, boot it up, and start gaming.

Have questions?

Our award-winning customer service team is ready to help.

Have questions?

Our award-winning customer service team is ready to help.

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