Signal Capture Cards

4K & HD External Capture Cards

Capture the Magic

Start building your audience and capture your gameplay with the Signal Capture Cards and Chat Cable.

Chat Cable

Do you use a mic'd headset while you stream and record? The Chat Cable has your back!

Comms & Stream—Connected

Your stream will hear everything you hear in your headset!

Simplified Audio Setup

The cable is plug-and-play ready to get connected to your stream

Room to Move Around

2-meter cable gives you plenty of slack to move as you please

Capture Creativity

Capture your 100th attempt to beat the boss, your top ten best of the bests, and the attention of your audience--all in high quality with the Signal 4K30 and HD60 capture cards. One simple and intuitive setup brings you the joy of capturing an audience.

Take It Easy

No messing around with tricky installation or over-complicated settings! The Signal 4K30 and HD60 are intuitive with your devices and ready to start capturing your best (or worst) gaming moments.

Stream Like Everyone Is Watching

Record and stream high-quality video that'll make your Twitch or Youtube content truly pop. The Signal 4K30 records in 4K with 30fps, letting your audience experience every breathtaking detail. The Signal HD60 broadcasts in 1080p with 60fps to get your steam up and running and ready to get your first followers.

Don't Lag Behind

Play your games the way they were intended with true passthrough on your Playstation 5, Xbox, PC, and more. Signal keeps your frames running smoothly while recording for uninterrupted play.

Connect With Your Audience

The Signal 4K30 & HD60 work seamlessly with current-gen and previous-gen consoles, software, hardware, and more.


Connect the latest or previous-gen consoles to capture all the gameplay your audience needs to see: Xbox Series X/S & Xbox One, Playstation 4 & Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch

Mobile, Tablets & Camera

Stream and record your favorite mobile games with your smartphone or tablet. Upgrade your streaming camera from a webcam to a DSLR for that extra polished look.

2-PC Setup

Utilize every bit of power to push your in-game experience and graphics with one PC dedicated to gameplay and one PC to streaming.

Broadcast, Video Calling, & OS

Works seamlessly with OBS, Streamlabs, and more

Compatible with video calling software like Discord, Skype, Zoom

Supports Windows 10, Windows 11, and MacOS

Here's What Our NZXT Partners Have to Say

We had our NZXT Partners try out the Signal Series. Here's what they thought!
“Using the NZXT capture card has made my streaming experience much easier especially when playing with Nintendo Switch or on my iPad. A simple plug and play!”
"Ever since I switched to my Dual-PC setup for streaming, I've always been on the hunt for new tech to make that setup seamless. Well NZXT has DELIVERED because their new capture card was plug & play with zero driver or setup issues."
"I love how simple and easy the NZXT Signal was to get everything up and running. No software needed, just plugged it in and it was ready to go with such great video quality!"
"NZXT's capture card defines what it means to plug and play in a competitive market. Out of the box and directly into gaming using your favorite console like the XBOX Series X or Nintendo Switch. Its never been easier to capture gaming for streaming and recording!"

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