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You don’t need luck. You’ve got a puck.

Join the ranks of the N7 with the CRFT Mass Effect Puck. Store your headset like an elite member of the Alliance SpecForce.

Gaming in our DNA

CRFT is a line of limited edition, officially licensed products based around the communities we love.

N7 Class Storage

The NZXT Mass Effect Puck features the seal of the N7 special forces and designates each Puck owner's achievement of completing the Systems Alliances’ Interplanetary Combatives Training program.

ME Puck N7 Class StorageME Puck N7 Class Storage

Alliance Approved

Not only is this special edition Puck a great way to showcase your love of the icnoic trilogy, it’s also a stylish way to store headsets, VR headsets, or cables on your PC case or metal surface.

ME Puck Alliance ApprovedME Puck Alliance Approved

Limited Edition

The NZXT Mass Effect Puck keeps your PC case organized and ready to take on the Reapers. With a limited run of 1000 units, celebrate N7 day in style with a build fit for the Normandy.

ME Puck Limited EditionME Puck Limited Edition

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