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A Year of New & Old

2023 brought exciting new game releases as well as all-new and refreshed NZXT products. Let's review this year's highlights!

The Quintessential GOTY

Baldur’s Gate 3 is everything a GOTY should be. A beautiful new take on a classic franchise with meaningful player choices to boot.

Game of the Year:
Baldur’s Gate III

BG3 turned the industry on its head with massive player choice and no micro-transactions. And it’s a stunner to look at.

Player: Two Prime

Recommended for Baldur’s Gate III

Enjoy BG3’s beautiful world and expansive characters at over 120 FPS powered by the NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4070 Ti and AMD Ryzen™ 7 5800X.

Hype Check

The excitement was palpable as Diablo reclaimed its signature grit, Starfield unveiled a new universe, and Jedi Survivor built upon the legacy.

Tear your way through monstrous foes and take down terrifying bosses in this deeply inspired action adventure game.

Bethesda Game Studio’s first new franchise in over 25 years. This polarizing, galaxy-spanning, sci-fi epic adventure was dubbed “Skyrim in Space”.

Live the hunted Jedi fantasy and explore an engaging Star Wars adventure in this follow-up to Jedi Fallen Order.

Player: Two

It’s Our Most Popular PC
for a Reason

See what all the fuss is about with powerful, built-to-last performance ideal for breathtaking RPGs.

Return to Nostalgia

2023 also saw some truly striking remakes of genre-defining games, plus a return to long-beloved characters.

Jump into the lauded return to form of Street Fighter. The fighting game. Play online, with friends or in the surprisingly good story mode.

Not technically NEW but Capcom made a jaw-dropping and faithful re-imagining of the game that DEFINED 3rd person shooters for generations.

Return to a nearly pristine re-creation of a game that set the standard for sci-fi survival horror and has not often been matched.

Indie Spotlight

Indie studios bring fresh perspectives. A few favs - experience a celebrated auteur puzzle game, a love letter to classic RPGs, and a Lovecraftian horror... fishing game.

Master world-leaping mechanics and solve intricate puzzles to unravel a cosmic mystery from celebrated designer of LIMBO and INSIDE.

A spiritual successor to Chronotrigger, Sea of Stars is an excellent turn-based RPG with fun mechanics, beautiful music and stunning art direction.

Scour the seas in search of the ultimate haul. Upgrade your ship and discover what monstrosities lie beneath the waves.

Player: One

A Great First PC

The Player: One is designed for smooth gameplay and is a great pairing for the wealth of low-demand indie titles in 2023.

Our Top Memes

Community Highlight

God. I miss it.


I see the light


The scariest thing you'll see all day


Our Fav Tiktokers

We work with dozens of amazing gamers and creators. Here are a few that really embody our belief that anyone can be a PC gamer!


Creator with friendly, easy, and helpful gaming & tech tips


Fortnite and Call of Duty creator with hilarious approach to gaming

Lae Lindria

Engaging gamer into cozy games, amazing desk vibes

NZXT 2023 Releases

2023 saw our first (and second) dual-chamber cases, new Player PC line-up, the new Krakens, a new Relay audio line and even more.

Hardware Canucks' Case of the Year

H6 Series

The H6 Flow's design prioritizes GPU cooling and frees up space, while panoramic glass showcases the inside.

H9 Series

The H9 Series is a true showcase for premium components, while keeping them cool with a capacity for 10 fans and numerous radiator setup options.

Curated by us. Customized by you.

We introduced the powerful line of Player PCs curated for gaming and upgradable. Power up and personalize.

C1200 Gold

1200W Gold Fully-Modular ATX 3.0 PSU

Meet The Krakens

The Kraken and Kraken Elite offer chillingly cool performance and extensive customization options for a truly personalized experience.

Relay Audio

A high-fidelity hardware ecosystem that provides remarkable sound independently and becomes even more amplified when combined.


Hi-Res Certified Wired PC Gaming Headset


PC Gaming Headset Stand with Mixer

Speakers & Subwoofer

80 Watt Desktop PC Gaming Speakers & 140 Watt Desktop PC Gaming Subwoofer

CAM Under the Hood

It may not have been obvious but NZXT CAM, our PC monitoring and device software, has been getting a tune-up.

Faster & More Private

Streamlined performance by removing user login and optimizing features, plus more transparent and simple data collection.

Even More Flex

Added new Kraken modes across all models plus developer support for custom web integration and CAM got a resizable window.

Foundational Clean-Up

Re-built Kraken screen drawing to reduce resources and added DTS integration for our audio line-up.

Become a Beta Tester

Get your hands on next-generation CAM software before anyone else in the community.

2023 Fav Setups

Please excuse the wall of images. It was really hard to pick a favorite.

PC Builds Image Gallery

Feelin’ the love

"NZXT cases have always had that elegant simplicity in their design language, the H6 is a master in clean lines and consistent ventilation patterns. The side fan location is for fans only, it's smart because it's delivering fresh air directly for your GPU and CPU Cooler without interfering with any of your Hardware components."

Hardware Canucks

"Those angled front right intake fans direct airflow straight at the GPU, thus, in theory keeping GPU temps lower whilst also optimising the direction of airflow for less turbulence. NZXT have executed this extremely well with the H6 Flow, the design language has loads of appeal combined with an extremely easy and intuitive build process."

Mr Matt Lee

"As with NZXT’s other cases, H6 has a very simple angular design that looks great. I’ve always enjoyed the elegant simplicity of NZXT’s cases. For the most part, building inside of the H6 was a breeze. Dual chamber cases allow for more freedom with mounting and routing cables."


I have the Player 2 Prime, and it's amazing. I've been loving gaming on it and all the specs, especially the LCD display. I've actually been trying plenty of games, including some that I've been dying to play, like Gang Beasts. I also edit videos in my spare time because I find it so fun. I have a YouTube channel (Mel_Mufasa) where I do my editing and content creation. I'd recommend this PC to anyone!

Romael A.

I have always been a PlayStation player and had finally decided I wanted more! I’ve seen a few reveals on the NZXT PC’s and they’re without a doubt the cleanest and best built for the price! Only had it about a week now but everything about it so far is awesome!

Joshua W.

What Others Say


An Amazing Machine

This pre-built tower was thought out and put together well! This thing is an absolute unit with its processing speed. I'm actually able to play Halo Infinite now!

-Bryan W. 05/2023


Best Gaming PC Build Ever!

I paid a lot for the ultimate gaming PC from NZXT but it is simply the best build out there today. I reviewed many builds, but this one was the best hands down.

-Ken J. 05/2023


New Tower Setup

Not knowledgeable about computers, but purchased an NZXT computer and it was worked great for a strenuous game like red dead redemption 2 on higher graphics settings. Can also load several of my softwares just fine. Arrived with no damages

-Noah R. 01/2023


My New Streaming PC

I have been streaming for over a year on twitch and even though I was utilizing a gaming laptop I was beginning to see that it was starting to breakdown slightly and I couldn't handle the power I needed for streaming. So I looked into investing in something stronger. I am very happy with my new PC, everything moves so much faster and the quality of my streams have gone up as well. Thank you!

-Jessica K. 12/2022


Just what I was hoping for!

I wanted a prebuilt that could run all my fav games on ultra settings, but without breaking the bank & sounding like a tornado at the same time. I've had it for a month now and have had 0 issues, it was so easy right out of the box. No garbage bloatware either!

-Navkarn H. 12/2022

For the 💜 of the game.

We Believe Anyone Can Be a PC Gamer.

We secretly launched a new “about us” page - we wanted to clearly say to the world who we are and why NZXT exists.