Prebuilt Gaming PCs

Prebuilt gaming PCs curated by us, chosen by you.

NZXT Prebuilt PC Collection

Core Series

Partially pre-assembled PCs with installed and cable-managed NZXT components.

Starter PC Series

Your entry into the world of PC gaming.

Streaming PC Series

The ideal gaming PC for new and experienced streamers.

H1 Mini Series

A uniquely small footprint with big gaming performance.

Creator PC Series

Fully equipped for high-end gaming and pro-quality creations.

BLD Kit Series

A fun and simple way to build your first gaming PC.

Why Go Prebuild?

These PCs aren't just built by experts, they're designed by them too! NZXT Prebuilds are made with budget and experience in mind.


Save on building fees and the cost of purchasing parts separately.


Get the same high-quality components you would when purchasing a custom PC.


Prebuilds are assembled by experts, with a simple lineup of products to choose from.

Choosing the Right PC

Wondering how to choose a gaming PC? Whether you're interested in budget PC gaming or are a streaming master, there are a few things to consider when buying a gaming PC.

Made For You

Whether you're just getting started or in need of a powerhouse, each series is tailor-made for your goals.


Whether you want to play popular games on a budget, get eye-watering visuals, or hit peak FPS, our Prebuilds got you covered from mid-range to top-of-the-line GPUs and CPUs.


Ready to go live with your stream? We offer powerful CPUs, GPUs, and plenty RAM so you can play and stream without taking a performance hit.


Multitask like a pro with all the RAM you need, allowing you to tackle more applications and increase your workflow.


Base, Plus, or Pro—knowing your budget will help you determine which model is the best gaming PC for you.


From the powerfully small H1 to a versatile array of compact mid-towers, choose the size that's right for your space.

Compare Our Prebuilts

Starter Pro PC

Streaming Plus PC

H1 Mini PC







Intel Core i5-11400

NVIDIA GeForce® RTX™ 3060

3200MHz (max speed) 16GB (2X8GB) More Info


Stream ReadyVR ReadyHas WiFiRGB Lighting IncludedHas BluetoothNo USB-C







AMD Ryzen 7 5700x

NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 3070 Ti

3200MHz (max speed) 16GB (2X8GB) More Info


Stream ReadyVR ReadyHas WiFiRGB Lighting IncludedHas BluetoothNo USB-C







AMD Ryzen 5 5600G

NVIDIA GeForce® GTX™ 1650

3200 MHz (max speed) 16GB (2X8GB) More Info


Stream ReadyVR ReadyHas WiFiRGB Lighting Not IncludedHas BluetoothNo USB-C

Prebuilt PC Buying FAQ

Common questions about buying NZXT Prebuilt Gaming PCs

Why should I buy a prebuilt PC instead of building my own?

There are a few reasons why someone might choose to purchase a prebuilt PC instead of building their own. First, prebuilt PCs come with all the necessary components already assembled, so there's no need to spend time and effort putting the computer together.

Second, prebuilt PCs are often more cost-effective than building your own, especially if you're not sure which components to choose or if you don't have experience building computers.

Third, purchasing a prebuilt PC from a reputable brand can provide peace of mind in terms of quality and reliability.

What should I consider when shopping for a prebuilt PC?

There are several factors to consider when shopping for a prebuilt PC. First, think about what you'll be using the computer for and what your needs are. This will determine the type and amount of components you need, as well as the budget you'll need to set.

Next, consider the brand of the prebuilt PC and do some research on the different options available. Pay attention to the specifications and features of the computer, including the processor, RAM, storage, and graphics card, to ensure they meet your needs.

Finally, think about where you'll be purchasing the prebuilt PC from and whether you want to buy online or in person.

Can I upgrade a prebuilt PC?

In most cases, prebuilt PCs can be upgraded with additional components. However, the specific components that can be upgraded and the ease of upgrading them will vary depending on the brand and model of the prebuilt PC.

It's important to carefully read the specifications and features of the prebuilt PC you're considering purchasing to determine whether it can be easily upgraded, and to consult the manufacturer or retailer if you have any questions. In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a prebuilt PC with the components you need, rather than upgrading a lower-spec model.

How much does a prebuilt PC cost?

The cost of a prebuilt PC can vary widely depending on the components and brand. Basic office computers from brands like Dell or HP may start at a few hundred dollars, while high-end gaming PCs can cost several thousand dollars.

It's important to decide on a budget before shopping and to carefully compare the features and specifications of different prebuilt PCs to ensure you're getting the best value for your money.

How to Set up Your Prebuild

NZXT prebuilds are completely plug and play. When your new gaming PC arrives, all that's left to do is to unbox it, boot it up, and start gaming.

Build It Your Way

Build a Custom PC

We build custom PCs around your budget, optimized for the games you love, all protected by a 2-year warranty.

Refurbished PCs

Quality tested by NZXT experts and backed by our 2-year warranty.

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