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Embark on an exciting new adventure into PC gaming. Discover the joy of building and learn something new!

It Starts Here

We've got your back. We're seasoned explorers in the world of PC building. By documenting the challenges we've seen on our travels, we were able to break the build process down into something more manageable and fun.

What to Expect from your BLD Kit Adventure:

Select your BLD Kit, we ship it

Open the box and begin your journey

Boot it up and start gaming!

Your Equipment

BLD Kit comes with everything needed for an epic adventure. Just bring some curiosity and a positive attitude. Set off on the voyage with:

  • Detailed instructions with illustrations
  • Linked assembly videos
  • All required components and tools

We’re Your Faithful Companion

Even the best explorers need a guide. Don't hesitate to ask for help while on your expedition.

  • Illustrations, diagrams, and detailed instructions
  • QR code-linked assembly walkthrough videos
  • Additional help via chat or phone

Meet the Components

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My 14-year old son & I had a fun and challenging, yet not too complicated, experience assembling our BLD Kit. Overall it was a great experience and we had a lot of fun working together to create our customized system. The end result was very satisfying!

Brad Dixon

If I, someone with little base knowledge about the parts that combine to make a PC unit can complete this kit, so can you!

Isabella Fletcher

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