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Wifi en Bluetooth zijn aanwezig om met alles verbinding te maken wat een nieuwe pc-gamer nodig heeft.

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De Starter-serie is slechts het begin, met voldoende ruimte om uit te breiden.

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Met de hand gemaakt door dezelfde teams die onze gaming-pc's op maat samenstellen

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Elke pc is met zorg gebouwd, mooi bekabeld en getest

De PC's

The Starter

€ 999,00

Starter Plus

€ 1.199,00

Starter Pro

€ 1.399,00






Geschatte FPS

AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Gigabyte GeForce® GTX™ 1650 D6 OC

HyperX Fury black 3200MHz (maximale snelheid) 16GB (2X8GB) Meer Informatie

250GB Seagate Firecuda 510 NVMe SSD






Geschatte FPS

AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Gigabyte GeForce RTX™ 2060 D6 OC

HyperX Fury black 3200MHz (maximale snelheid) 16GB (2X8GB) Meer Informatie

500GB Western Digital 3D Blue SATA SSD






Geschatte FPS

AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 Gaming OC

Kingston Fury Beast Black 3200MHz (maximale snelheid) 16GB (2X8GB) Meer Informatie

1TB Seagate Firecuda 510 NVMe SSD


  • XenoBlade1861 |Colorado |

    "Everything is about as I expected but on the website the gpu specs for the $699 starter pc build says 1650 super and in another spot it says 1650 so maybe clearing that up would help but no complaints here. Excellent job"

  • Kriisty |Arizona |

    "I love my pc! Everything works perfectly fine, everything runs smooth and emailed me when it was going to be delayed and glad to know they did! Customer service also helped me with any questions I had asked and really happy they helped me very well!!! Totally recommend my friends"

  • c0lebr0wn |Wyoming |

    "This is my first gaming PC. I was nervous about the switch over but NZXT made it easy and painless. Honestly I can’t believe how much potential I was missing out on just gaming on console. I couldn’t be more impressed with NZXT and this PC. Already referring people to get the same one!"

  • RainH77 |Vermont |

    "If your looking to get into pc gaming but don’t have the time to learn how to build your own this is definitely the place to start. Everything was simple and easy to setup. I’m not sure if it was just me but they gave me 2x8 ram instead of the 1x8 that I was expecting so that was also very nice."

  • qtdarkii |South Carolina |

    "I love this pc, it does everything I need it to do, and gaming feels really smooth. FPS sometimes drops, but besides that, I would recommend this PC, but you might wanna add an extra 8 gigs of RAM :)"

  • RKTN |Louisiana |

    "I was really surprised by the quality of this pc. The ordering and shipping process was seamless and I received my rig within a week of ordering it. Now on to the actual gaming experience. I've been a console player most of my life and to my surprise, I've been able to play current games like Yakuza Like a Dragon and Dragon Quest XI without any issues what so ever. Games like League of Legends on ultra will easily net me a peak of 240 fps and typically stay around the 180-200 fps range in team fights. All in all, I'm in love with this machine, the RGB lighting is neat and you can customize it. If you're looking for a budget gaming pc, THIS IS THE WAY."