2022 Recapped

It was a big year with new launches and games! Let's celebrate it all.

The Best Way to Play The Year's Top Games

Don't miss out on playing this year's top-ranked games.

Overwatch® 2

Get the payload moving on our Streaming Plus PC. It'll will meet all recommended specs for playing and streaming Overwatch 2 alongside your favorite heroes.

Apex Legends®

For smooth 60FPS gameplay, we recommend playing Apex Legends on our Starter Plus Prebuild PC for extra power to help you become a champion.

God of War® (PC)

Experience the first installment of the mythology-based world of God of War at its highest settings on our Streaming Base Prebuild PC.

Elden Ring®

Unlock the full potential of Elden Ring with our Streaming Plus Prebuild PC. While the game is capped at 60FPS, this build has enough power to run beyond that and unlock the game's full potential.

*FPS capped at 60 for PC

Call of Duty® Modern Warfare® II

Team up with Soap and Price once again on our Streaming Pro PC. This build provides all the specs needed to run Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 at a high FPS, or even in ultra 4K.

This Year's Launches

Catch up on what was new for us in 2022


"Best Case Ever!"

"Made the swap from an H510 and wanted a case that fit more fans and had more RGB lighting. Transferring all hardware from my old case to this new one was super easy, and everything packaged and pre-wired was done extremely well. Thank you NZXT for another awesome case!"
Brynn Z., 11/21/22

H5 & H7 Cases

These two cases not only make cable management a breeze, but they also fit more fans and possibilities for RGB! The H5 and H7 are ideal for powerful, compact builds.

Canvas Monitors

Canvas FHD gives gamers a competitive edge in fast-paced titles when the heat is on. For a play-anything monitor, QHD has you covered with immersive Quad HD gameplay.


"Sleek Design, Crisp Display"

"This monitor is well worth the price. The 1440p display offer beautiful resolution for gaming, watching videos, or video editing. The design of the monitor is great those who prefer a sleek and minimalist design rather than the futuristic sci-fi aesthetic of so many other gaming related hardware options."
Nathan S., 11/16/22

T120 Air Coolers

This new air cooler features high-quality copper heat pipes with Direct Contact Technology to provide cooling to the CPU efficiently.

NVIDIA 4000 GPU Builds

We've tested performance and compatibility of the new NVIDIA® GeForce RTX® 4000 Series GPUs in these curated prebuilt PCs.

AMD 7000 GPU Builds

Built with the new AMD 7000 Series GPU and AMD 5000 or 7000 Series CPUs.

Best Sellers of 2022

You loved these products just as much as we did! Check out the items we sold the most of this year.


"Great Starting PC"

"Got this PC to game with friends on COD, Minecraft and DayZ. Runs each game well on decently high settings. Looking forward to making small upgrades here and there down the road. Plus I think it looks so cool."
Jacob K., 11/16/22

Starter Pro

With the Starter Pro, you're ready to game right out of the box. It has all the specs you need to run the latest games, with room to grow for upgrades for years to come.

Streaming Plus

Jump into the world of streaming with our Streaming Plus PC. There's no need to worry about lag or dropping frames, achieve high-quality stream settings without sacrificing FPS in game.


"My New Streaming PC"

"I have been streaming for over a year on twitch and even though I was utilizing a gaming laptop I was beginning to see that it was starting to breakdown slightly and it couldn't handle the power I needed for streaming so I looked into investing in something stronger."
Jessica H., 12/12/22


"H510 Flow"

"This is a great pc case and I am more than happy with the final results. Great airflow from intake to exhaust . Especially pairing it with the Kraken Z63 AIO still have more than enough room while maintaining a somewhat low-profile!"
Cooper S., 11/16/2022

H510 Flow

Made with airflow in mind, the H510 Flow features a perforated front panel for maximized airflow and improved temperatures.

Kraken X63

This All-in-One (AIO) liquid cooler is ready for high performance CPUs with the ability to fit in most cases with two 140mm Aer P radiator fans.


"Great thermals! Don’t think, just buy!"

"Was hesitant about purchase. First time Nzxt buyer. It’s a quality product, feels and looks great, with great thermals. What more could you ask for."
Ryan D., 11/16/22

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Limited Edition Six Siege Artisan Keycaps

OPFOR has located limited edition Drone and Nitro Cell Keycaps.

TM & © 2022 Ubisoft

H510 Valhalla

This H510 is fit for a Viking down to the last detail. The motherboard tray appears in Assassin's Creed Valhalla thematic colors. The limited edition puck has been crafted in the design of Eivor's crested shield, with a removable arrow.

Unleash Your Super Hero

Get Marvel’s Midnight Suns with select GeForce RTX 30 Series.*