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DIY Gaming PC recommendations for new PC builders who want to master how PCs work.

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Discover the joy of DIY gaming PC building with the NZXT BLD Kit.

Perfect for building solo or with friends and family, NZXT BLD Kit comes with detailed instructions and illustrations, linked assembly videos, and all required components and tools.

Kraken Z Series Coolers

Designed to fit comfortably in most builds, the Kraken Z Series Coolers are the top-choice cooler for first-time builds. Not only will they get an incredible cooling performance, but they'll be able to completely customize the built-in display with temperature data, custom images, or animated GIFs.


The H1 Case is great for a first gaming PC build because it fits seamlessly into virtually any space-from a college dorm, a compact desk setup, or to a thoughtfully-curated living room. Building in the H1 is straightforward and allows them to get the most out of a small package.


We recommend the H710 for practically any build, as it's our most flexible case with plenty of space for almost any build. Build like a pro in this mid-tower case thanks to the cable routing kit with pre-installed channels and straps for intuitive and easy wiring.

Custom NZXT Function Keyboard

Get the perfect peripheral setup for any space with the NZXT BLD configurator for Function.

Kraken X Series Coolers

The Kraken X Series provides superior cooling, stunning visual effects, and intuitive installation.

H510 Elite

This compact mid-tower is ideal for highlighting RBG-focused builds with a front tempered glass panel along with the easy-to-build-in features of the H510.


H7 cases are flexible, easy to build in, and spacious with plenty of room for a wide range of components.

NZXT Motherboards

NZXT motherboards infuse style and functionality into any build while supporting the latest chipsets from Intel and AMD.

Gold PSU

For intermediate or experienced builders, Gold PSUs offer performance and power for all the components in a new PC.

Bronze PSU

For new builders, Bronze PSUs offer performance and power for all the components in a new PC.

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Connect Your Ecosystem

IFTTT integration with NZXT CAM lets you connect your PC to smart devices in your home! Trigger music on your phone when your PC temp ramps up, or mix up the mood and use applets to sync lighting with your PC and other connected devices.

Connect your smart devices and your PC to your ecosystem for a cohesive and dynamic gaming environment.

Better Together

Create the ultimate desk setup with our full lineup. Customize a gaming PC and add a Canvas Monitor, Capsule Mic, and Function Keyboard to prefect a cohesive dekstop environment.

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