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How a Powerful PC is Used for More than Just Gaming

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You need to justify the cost of a gaming PC. Your family doesn't see the value in dropping a few hundred dollars just so that you can continue taking Ls, but now in higher resolutions and better framerates. You can't say it's just for school or college, because your Chromebook from 2014 handles Google Docs just as well. How do you justify this?

One of my favorite reasons to pick a PC over a console is the prospect of developing new hobbies and careers. Some people don't realize that a powerful PC can be used for more than just playing the latest AAA release like Marvel's Spiderman or Elden Ring. Let's cover 6 different ways you can use your gaming PC for something besides gaming.

Video Editing

One of the most popular uses for a powerful PC is video editing. Thanks to the ever-increasing capabilities of video editing software, people are able to create professional-grade videos from home. If you're interested in getting into video editing, you'll need a PC with a good processor and plenty of RAM. You'll also want to ensure your PC has enough storage space to accommodate your large 4K video files.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is another increasingly popular use for powerful PCs like video editing. You can do everything from photo editing, web design, and even complex vector illustrations. While graphic design still needs a PC with a decent processor, it doesn't require powerhouse PCs until you get into more heavy workflows. You will still need plenty of storage space for all of your finished photos and projects.

3D Rendering

Another popular use for powerful PCs is 3D rendering. This is often used by architects and engineers to create realistic models of buildings and other structures. 3D rendering can also be used to create augmented reality effects, such as Snapchat filters.

3D rendering can be very resource-intensive, so you'll need a PC with a good processor, a high-end GPU, and plenty of RAM if you want to do any serious rendering.

Coding & Programming

Coding and programming are becoming increasingly popular for PCs, as more people learn to code and develop their own software. You can do everything from web development, app development, and even game design. While writing code doesn't necessarily need a powerful PC, executing and testing the code you write does.

Music Production

For all the musically inclined, you all know how resource-intensive Ableton can get once you install all of your plugins. A gaming PC can greatly speed up the process of composing, editing, and recording your own music.

Streaming & Podcasting

Last but not least, what everyone seems to have in 2022, is your own stream/podcast. A gaming PC is extremely useful for production because it can manage multiple audio/video inputs and compose it all in software such as OBS.