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Unveiling the NZXT Community Monthly Wallpaper Contest: Your Canvas Awaits!


NZXT Wallpaper Contest

Attention all digital Picassos, desktop Da Vincis, and monitor Michelangelos! NZXT is excited to present a challenge that will set your artistic pulses racing and your creative gears into overdrive – the Monthly Wallpaper Contest. This isn't just any contest; it's a celebration of creativity, a showcase of talent, and a chance to immortalize your art on screens everywhere.

What’s the Deal?

Every month, we’re inviting you to channel your inner artist and create an NZXT-themed wallpaper that captures the essence of our community – innovation, style, and a deep passion for all things PC. We're not just looking for pretty pictures; we're searching for artwork that tells a story, pieces that will inspire and wallpapers that will become the backdrop of our daily digital lives.

The Canvas

To ensure that your art fits perfectly on every display, we’re asking for submissions in a horizontal orientation with a resolution of 1920x1080. And in the spirit of true creativity, we’re keeping it real – only original, non-AI-generated artwork will be accepted. After all, it's the human touch that makes art resonate.

The Reward

Not only will the top three masterpieces be announced proudly on the NZXT Podcast, but they will also be featured across our social media channels and blog, offering a spotlight to the artists within our community. The creators of these masterpieces will receive the exclusive purple Pucci plush and a free monthly subscription to Discord Nitro.

The Fine Print

Bring your A-game and submit as many designs as your heart desires – but keep in mind, only your final submission will be entered into the contest. This gives you the freedom to experiment, iterate, and submit your best work.

Join the Creativity Marathon!

Ready to get started? Your audience awaits. Join our Discord server, download your digital brushes, and let the NZXT canvas bring out your most creative self.

Let the wallpapers begin!

Join us on Discord - where your art could be the next great conversation starter, the inspiration for someone's next build, or just a really cool backdrop during those endless hours of gaming.

Stay tuned for the winners at the end of the month, and who knows? The next time you look at your desktop, it might just be looking back at you with the signature style of NZXT.

Get set, create, and may the best artist's vision light up our screens!