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6 Essential Questions About NVIDIA DLSS: Does It Improve FPS and How Can You Use It?

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The rapid evolution of PC games and gaming PCs has raised the bar for graphical performance. To stay ahead of the curve, NVIDIA's response was the development of DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology, which has now evolved into DLSS 3. Meanwhile, industry-leading systems like the NZXT Player PCs have become vital platforms for experiencing this innovative tech. This neural graphics technology employs AI to produce entirely new frames, reconstructing images to display at higher resolutions. It promises unparalleled image quality and responsiveness. Dive with us as we unpack six core questions surrounding DLSS and its implications for your gaming journey.

What is DLSS?

DLSS is a groundbreaking video rendering technique that optimizes framerates by rendering at a lower resolution, then using deep learning to upscale these frames, ensuring they appear crisp at the target resolution. Essentially, with DLSS and an NZXT Player PC, you can push the boundaries of your gaming visuals without compromising on framerate.


In a word, absolutely. With NVIDIA DLSS, gamers aren't tethered to native 4K hoping to achieve 50-60 fps. They can render at resolutions like 1080p or 1440p and let DLSS reconstruct the visual data. The outcome? Enhanced frame rates with little to no discernible loss in image quality. If boosting your game's performance without trading off quality sounds appealing, DLSS, especially when experienced on an NZXT Player PC, is your go-to.

Does DLSS Quality Improve Performance?

It's nuanced. NVIDIA DLSS presents multiple modes: Quality, Balanced, Performance, and a recently introduced Ultra Performance mode. While Quality emphasizes image sharpness, Performance leans towards better framerates. Balanced seeks a middle ground. The mode you select directly influences your gaming performance and visuals.


Does DLSS Increase or Decrease FPS?

NVIDIA DLSS 3 has the prowess to amplify frame rates by 3-4x in specific titles. But our trials have occasionally noted a reduction in detail or a hike in latency. While DLSS is transformative for FPS, it isn't a universal solution. The game in question and the capabilities of your NZXT Player PC may mean adjusting DLSS settings for optimal results.

Is DLSS Compatible with Your Favorite Games?

The beauty of DLSS is its universal training, allowing game developers to integrate it without game-specific AI training. However, adoption isn't ubiquitous; it's prudent to verify if your game of choice is DLSS-ready.

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How Can You Use DLSS?

To harness NVIDIA DLSS, equip your NZXT Player PC or NZXT Custom PC with a compatible NVIDIA GPU and keep your drivers updated. In supported games, the graphics settings section will house options for DLSS mode activation. It's prudent to consult game-specific resources to ensure you're optimizing DLSS correctly.

NVIDIA DLSS, especially when paired with powerhouses like the NZXT Player PCs, promises to redefine gaming visuals. It's an asset for FPS boosts in supported titles, but discernment and understanding of its nuances are crucial. By adjusting settings and modes, you'll be able to unlock the ultimate gaming experience.